4.1.12 – 4.7.12

Mark Mushakian with Lego easter bunny

So, Sunday evening I had my date.  I didn’t make it home in time to catch The Killing season premiere, but I did get to watch Mad Men.  I- oh, what was that?  You want to hear about the date?  Okay, sure.

It was nice.

So, anyway- hmm?  That’s not detailed enough?  Man, you’re just so hard to please :).  Earlier Sunday, she sent me a text asking if we could push the meet-time back an hour and a half to 6:30, since a prior engagement (Easter show rehearsal) had been changed on her.  No problem, said I.  Of course, that meant as I drove up to Newport, I was blinded by the setting sun… but I’m used to cursing the sun by now :).  We were meeting at Ruby’s on the Balboa pier, and it’d been a long, long time since I’d been in that area.  I used to go there all of the time, with Sarah or Joe, but it’s been years.  As I started walking along the pier, I realized just how windy it really was.  It was bad enough at my house, but out on the ocean there.. it was a hurricane.  Also, as I added a comment to my health-issues post about I get dizzy fairly easy now, so as I stood outside waiting for her, with the cold wind blowing so hard my ears started to hurt, I did all I could to avoid looking at the surrounding waves, but I began to lose my sure footing.  As 6:30 came, I grabbed my phone and saw that I’d missed a call from her.  I called back (she was running about 10 minutes late) and told her to meet me at the Ruby’s on 17th street, instead.  Plus, I figured with her longer hair, the wind wouldn’t be very fun, anyway.  So, she got there before I did, and let me know where she was sitting inside.  I finally walked in about 7, much happier to be on solid ground.  She was cute… cuter in person, and definitely petite as she’d said.  She had her hair pinned up with a nice little flower headband, which I commented on.  We talked for a little while, before ordering – she noticed a gluten-free burger option that made her happy, and I got my usual burger/fries (I’m a simple man).  Ended up having a number of previously unknown things in common – oldest sibling, pastor dads, etc..  If you know me, you know I can sometimes be quiet, but I’m also really friendly and personable.. so we got along fine, though it seemed like she had question after question.  I couldn’t tell if that was just her, she was nervous, or maybe she was trying to fill the void of time from her sudden lack of interest in me ;).  About 8:30, she looked at her watch and said she should go… apparently she was helping set up for the Sunday night church service.  I’d been under the impression she was free that night, but we also had plans for earlier.. so that might’ve factored in.  Haha, or again… perhaps she just wanted out ;).  Just so you don’t think I’m Debbie Downer on myself, I didn’t even think much of her not mentioning church earlier, until my friend James brought it up the next day.  Not wanting to make her late,  I took my last drink of water (as I do) and we headed out.  She almost walked right out the door, but I of course had to pay the check… so she paused.  As we walked outside, she started walking one direction, and I asked, “You left? (the direction)”  She gave me a yep, and kept walking… and as a car started driving toward me, and with her still moving toward her car without me, I said “I’m right,” and walked off to my car.  So, she was nice enough, and definitely nice-looking, but didn’t exactly have much interest after a certain point.  It’s cool, though, I guess.. I probably didn’t, either – as lovely as she is.

So there, happy now?  Was that enough detail??  It better be.

SO, Sunday’s Mad Men actually felt really interesting again, and I realized what it was that came off so strangely in the premiere… they’re stuck.  Not the creators of the show, but the characters.  In perhaps a personally poignant moment for me, but certainly meaningful for the show, one of the characters delivers the line, “When are things going to go back to normal?”  Whereas the past has always slid off some of these characters’ shoulders, it really feels like this changing world is going to throw them for a loop.  Interesting :).

Monday morning I made it back in for my usual truck shift (after missing last week due to allergy-death), and after only making it through 8 hours last week, it was nice to start working again.  That night’s class we finally ended up discussing The Hunger Games, and my eyes mostly glossed over.  Before we really got into it, though, we took our 10 minute break.  I got to talking with the gal in front of me, about how I didn’t like the book, found the lead character completely unlikable (she actually agreed… I almost made out with her), don’t like books in general, and about my personal challenge to try to enjoy reading.  She turned around and wrote down a recommendation on a torn-off piece of paper and handed it to me.  I asked what it was about, and she proceeded to give me the plot to a movie idea I had a couple of years ago: what if all electricity on Earth stopped working, and people had to suddenly deal with it.  I laughed, and told her why, so I’ll probably pick that up before class next week and let her know how it goes.  She actually suggested keeping a book with me, and reading it whenever I have a moment… like class breaks.  Since I find reading so boring, she thought the short spurts might help.  I don’t think I’ll be able to do that, but we’ll see.

I was still feeling pretty worn out, so I skipped Tuesday afternoon’s class to rest up.  It was Monthly Mini-build day at work, so I would’ve been out and about from 11am to 10pm.  I was feeling better, but not THAT much better ;).  With our assistant manager, Omar, no longer working there, I ended up taking charge more maintaining the line and setting things up.  We keep trying to avoid lining people up in the queue more than 15-20 mins. before the even starts, but then we end up with tons of folks just milling about.  I tried to put people in the line earlier, but a manager said no.  I eventually did it, anyway :).  I pushed the point to my store manager later, that we need to just open the line and let whoever gets there early be able to stand there and wait.. so hopefully that’s how it goes next month.  It was a fun time, as usual, though… regulars and I joking and having fun, and all.  At one point I had to blow my nose, so I walked over to a nearby trash can, and as I was using a tissue, the hot blond working the small vendor cart in the middle of the mall looked at me, smiled, and said, “Me, too.”  I say that all of the time to people, so I laughed hearing it come from someone else.

After weeks, I finally made it to and through my entire Wednesday afternoon class.  I also received a paper back that I’d turned in last week – easy A.  This is a survey course, so it’s filled with kids who might be a little less bright than in other classes, but I was still a little surprised to hear the amount of lower-than-A grades she had.  A number of B’s, mostly C’s, and a heck of a lot of D’s.  Crazy kids.  I came home and reviewed for that night’s test… which I didn’t think I did too great on.

Thursday I, again, skipped my afternoon class (no big deal), and closed at work.  I’ll always take the hours, but it kinda stinks working Thursday nights… I have to keep watching The Office and Awake online later in the week.  I did get to finally catch a re-airing of The Killing, before work, and I’m very glad to have it back :).  KB has class Tuesday and Thursday nights, so I told her if she wanted to come by and see my handsome face, she was welcome.  After we were closed, I was stocking the shelves (I almost wrote stalking the shelves, which provided a pretty hilarious image in my head) and saw a certain someone smiling and waving at the front door.  I did NOT let her in, and we did NOT hang out for a bit while I finished sweeping up and taking the trash out.  We ended up talking for a bit outside, hadn’t seen her since the date and that came up, too.  She jokingly said, “It’s because she wasn’t me, isn’t it?” to which I actually replied in the affirmative.  This isn’t everything, but I’d talked about it earlier in the week with Sarah… this gal I went on a date with was swell, but I don’t think there was anything special there.  I actually reference first meeting Korkie on my online profile, saying that meeting a gal who feels like an old friend even on the first day is pretty special.  Obviously we’d just met, so I don’t expect to be BFF’s, but for how cute she was, how into me she originally was… there wasn’t an extra spark.  Haha, it reminded me of the movie Beautiful Girls, in which the lead rates his wife-to-be a “solid… seven and a half.”  Who knows, though.. maybe I only feel that way because of how the date ended ;).  KB laughed at the fact that everyone tells her she and I are going to get married, and while I was watching Netflix later that night I realized who we were – Mulder and Sculley from The X-Files.  He’s a little wacky, these characters  have gone through a lot together, and everyone watching always wanted them to be together.  I found the comparison of relationships quite fitting… and hilarious :).

Friday morning I went to do a preschool observation at Saddleback’s childcare center.  I actually have a paper in two different classes that this works for, and it was a pretty cool setup in there.  They have this little central room, with one-way windows all around, where I could sit and watch the class with them being none the wiser.  I watched an adorable little girl have a hard time saying bye to her mom (very genuinely, too… I could tell she wanted to be able to not cry and be okay with it, but she kept giving in and running back to mom), I watched quiet kids pull away from the group and play by themselves, and all kinds of things.  Things I remember working around, myself, like it was yesterday :).  After that, I headed home for a day of absolutely nothing but relaxation.  I’d commented to my manager the night before, between my health, school, and work – I’m really stinkin’ tired.  So, Friday I did nothing but play games, watch TV shows on Netflix, take a shower, and capped it off with a movie.  Oh, and a late-night check online showed me that I’d somehow pulled off a 100% on Wednesday’s test, with bonus points that were offered.  Imagine that :).  Also, I noticed that a less than great grade in my online class had shifted to a perfect score, so Friday was definitely a good one.

Saturday I did a little prep-work for a school paper before closing at work.  I’ve been trying to eat more/better, and definitely to drink more water.  It’s very tricky for me to keep up on, sometimes.  Today is Easter, no big plans for me except working on a couple of papers and preparing for a long school-week ahead.

So, how was your week?


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2 Responses to 4.1.12 – 4.7.12

  1. Briggity Brak says:

    haha "Me too" reminds me of when Nick tried to make "Good Sneeze" the new "Bless You." Good times.


    • Mark says:

      Haha, well.. my use of “Me, too” is intended more as an act of solidarity, but YOUR comment reminds ME of the Seinfeld episode in which Jerry and Elaine attempt to replace “God bless you” with “You're soooo good looking.”


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