3.18.12 – 3.24.12

Mark Mushakian OkCupid profile
Sunday, after sleeping in a bit from the late night before, I spent the day working on some things for school.  It was definitely a bit hard to get going, but I eventually got things done.  That night, of course, I had the season 2 finale of The Walking Dead… and boy did it go out in style.  Most of this season has felt pretty “safe”.  There’ve been plenty of tense or great moments, but the base location always felt pretty secure and calm.  This time, though, everything there went to hell in a hand basket for these people – physically, emotionally, mentally.  The foundation is once again shaky and uncertain, and I’m really looking forward to the show’s return this fall.

I don’t think I slept too well that night (unrelated to zombie-scares), so Monday’s 6am alarm came a little earlier than my body would’ve liked.  After a fun truck shift, I headed over to Korkie’s for some lunch and to take her to check out another car.  We ended up at In-N-Out, and as we sat inside eating, an older gal who was waiting for her order leaned over (most likely assuming we were a couple) and told KB to “be nice to this one” commenting on how nice it is to see such a happy person.  So hey, at least I can get the old ladies… but we already knew that :).  The car we went to go look at ended up being a perfect fit, so I’m happy to be able to say that Mushakian Taxi Service has been retired, again.  After the deal was made, and I kept her company for a while at the DMV, I headed home to rest up before class.  I finished Journey and with the time change, I almost didn’t realize what time it was when I had to leave for class.  I made it in time, zipped up my jacket and popped the collar to fight the cold wind as I walked, got up to my class AND… canceled.  I’d barely been home all day, and I didn’t check my school email (where the teacher had let us know she was out sick), so I drove up there for nothin’.  Of all classes for me to miss, too… it had to be the one filled with women :(.

Tuesday morning I checked my email before heading to class ;).  I was good to go, and as I crossed over from the parking lot, a car next to me honked… I’ll give you one guess as to which friend I NEVER mention on here was driving her new car up next to me.  Wasn’t expecting to see KB there then, since she didn’t have class, but it’s fun running into folks ya know on campus… kinda makes it feel like high school again.  She ended up coming by later that afternoon (after spilling a drink in her car, and being near enough to come over to air it out), and we spent some time perusing OkCupid, hunting through her car for hidden treasures and features, and sat in the trunk talkin’ about life and love for a while.  Friends are nice to have, I tell ya.

That night I aimed to study for my test the next day, but I was pretty exhausted (for unobvious reasons.. most likely the weather/allergies) so my mind wasn’t much use for learnin’.

Wednesday I woke up feeling really crappy.  The odd sensations that prompted me to go see a doc a year ago (who said my heart was fine, it was just allergies/anxiety) have started to trickle back a little in the last few days, and I woke up this morning feeling it full-force.  It first came up this same time last year, too, so I’m now more convinced that it is allergy related in some way.  Even if it’s dehydration, it could very well be because of the season and its extra toll on my need for water.  I had my test that night, and I wasn’t feelin’ up to much, so I skipped my afternoon class.  With a decent amount of water consumed, I eventually felt a bit better.  I felt like I was pretty screwed on the test, though I ended up nailing it.. save for the last essay question.  With the stuffed sinuses, I started getting a little feverish, and I was still a bit worn anyway (definitely allergies), so I hit the last question and my mind went pfft – completely blank.  I’m pretty sure I’ll still have an A on the test, but I sat there and chuckled to myself… something I knew, completely gone right when I needed it.

Well, Thursday started off pretty great, I tell ya :).  I woke up and lay there checking things on my phone (as was the custom, at the time).  I decided to hop over to OkCupid to see if I’d yet received any response from a couple of gals I sent messages to.  To my surprise, I had a very nice message from a gal I hadn’t seen before… and she looked absolutely great in the little thumbnail.  In case you and I just met, this isn’t a common occurrence for me… good lookin’ babes takin’ an interest in me ;).  I’d planned on finally restarting a regular workout routine that day, anyway, but it was certainly easy enough when I had an extra skip in my step.  I kept myself realistic about things… maybe she wasn’t a Christian, maybe she hated babies, who knows.  I hadn’t seen her profile yet, you see, but even if all that was the case… the fact that she was cute was enough to boost my confidence above and beyond where it’s been for a while.  So, I got up and turned on my computer for the day.  Too tempted to not look, I decided to pull up this gal’s profile: strong Christian, nanny, 5’2, and even better looking than I thought.  I was feeling SUCH a high, that I actually put on my headphones, found a song which instills a boogie in my feet (Florence and the Machine – Kiss With a Fist), and I danced in my room.  I believe I mentioned this before, but where I first failed… Thursday I had no problem at all.  Haha, Mark Mushakian is a simple man to motivate ;).  I did a light re-intro workout, walked around the neighborhood for a cool down (enjoying some lovely things on Pandora), and came back home to really check this girl out and respond.  She seemed great, for sure.  The rest of my day/night, I was full of that good ol’ Mark joviality… heck, I even danced a little at work that evening.  Mark Mushakian is DANCING, people… that’s news.  Friday is some type of employee appreciation day at work, so I’ve been working on a little project of something I could piece together with some cheaply bought pieces (probably won’t bring myself to buy anything pricey).  It’s still the same as when I was younger: trying to figure out how to make something work, struggling, thinking I got it and getting excited only to find out I hadn’t, struggling along some more, and finally finding the solution with a simple sigh of satisfied relief.  After closing, I came home to a response (two, actually.. one was from another gal.  Ahem.. stand back, ladies).

As for my workout, I’m finally returning to weights next week.  I’ve been doing calisthenics for a while, now, but I’ve mapped out a good schedule, and I’m very much looking forward to it.  Ever since I hurt my wrist (about 9 years ago now?), I’ve never returned to weightlifting on as regular a plan as I had up until then.  I still cry just as much, even with all that extra testosterone pumping through me, so don’t expect much difference here ;).

Friday morning I woke up, still full of energy, and again worked out.  I haven’t hit the weights yet, want to work myself back up to it with some increasing aerobic endeavors.. since that’s what is really tough.  This gal tends to be online only late at night… makes sense, between work and school.  No response earlier in the day from her, but she did check out my profile again a few hours after I was offline.  Who knows… I figured I’d hear from her again that night.  I’d RATHER be getting to know her in person, but with my schedule that probably wouldn’t be feasible until this next weekend, so I’ll bring it up.  Heck, I’m just going to ask her out.  It’s funny, because just Tuesday I again talked with Korkie about this: the idea that a gal will have to fall for the odd/jovial Mark, and THEN I’ll be able to bring out a more stoic, “sexier” guy’s guy.  It’s only a theory, but from what I know of myself.. it’s one I strongly subscribe to :).

Friday night at work was a little hectic.  It was just me and the manager closing, and there was a heck of a lot to stock, so we weren’t exactly out early.  Haha, I had to take a bunch of pallets from a delivery that day out of the back hallway and take them… somewhere.  Of course, after loading them onto a cart and piling the tons of cardboard on top and grabbing the trash bag, I discovered that they didn’t exactly fit through the elevator door as stacked.  I muttered some Mark Mushakian mutters, but eventually got it all taken care of.  I ended up finishing The Kennedys miniseries on Netflix that night, too, and I’d enjoyed it… though it definitely feels much more like Bobby Kennedy’s story.  His death was even more emotional than John’s.  Of course, I also had another back-and-forth with the gal I’ve been talking with online.

Saturday I woke up and danced (3rd day in a row, now) as my little workout warmup.  At first it was just a coincidental thing, coming about on the morning the gal messaged me, but it works well… and I’ve been enjoying it :).  I did a little schoolwork, returned a call to Korkie (if you’re reading this, bang-up job on kicking the test’s butt, by the way), and headed off to work for another long, busy evening.  KB and I met up at Denny’s after, and since I’m suddenly nursing a bit of a sore throat (*shakes fist at the air* allerGIES!), I indulged in a glass of orange juice and cleaned my plate with ease.  The return to fitness has again helped open my appetite a bit… just imagine what it’ll be like when I start lifting weights – maybe a return to “big Mark“?  Probably not ;).

Oh, and in final wrap-up news, I asked this online girl out on a date… but I guess I’ll have to write about that next time :).

So, how was your week?


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