3.4.12 – 3.10.12

Mark Mushakian number one person who
Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead ended with a moment that brought about a couple of tears.  I wasn’t bawling.. but it was hard to watch.  If you care (probably not), I’ll have the spoiler conversation with you about it in private sometime.

Monday afternoon, after working the morning truck shift, I headed over to the library to pick up a new book.  I had to drop off the abysmal one I read last week, and I wasn’t going to bother going any further with the other one I had (Rant by Chuck Palahniuk).  I wandered the aisles a bit, no idea where to land myself, and I had an idea to go check on Steve Martin.  I’d kinda enjoyed him so far, so I picked up An Object of Beauty.  We’ll see.

After that, Korkie came down with the girls and picked me up.  We headed over to a park here near the ocean, and hung out for a while.  There were a couple other moms there with their kids, and if you know Mark Mushakian… you know how much it all only increased his desire to be able to do that with my own kids, I tell ya.

Tuesday was the monthly mini-build at work, which was fun as usual.  After that, I headed off to my speech class, and beyond the fact that I was stuck in the bathroom (making myself a bit late), it was a nice night.  I sat between a couple of friendly gals, and we had a good time, and at one point during the class I noticed the girl who sits in the corner opposite me (we move our desks in a circle around the room perimeter, remember) was smiling and watching something move about.  I figured it had to be a mouse, but she obviously didn’t want to say anything and cause a ruckus, so she just happily watched it move around the walls next to and behind her.  Of course, someone eventually called it out, and after a number of ladies jumped up into their chairs (it really happens), the teacher let the little fella out through an open door.

As for my two remaining tests that I wasn’t sure about, I found out I got an A+ on both.  My Wednesday night class even came back to me with a smiley face on it next to one of my essay answers.  Speaking of school, I was supposed to have a presentation in my political science class Thursday, but when I walked in I saw some folks from my group weren’t there… so when the teacher forgot we were to go, I didn’t even bother bringing it up.

Thursday afternoon, after my last class of the week was done, I finally found time to watch the premiere episode of Awake.  It was absolutely everything I was hoping it’d be, and I was very happy to see that :).  I gave KB a right to class again that night, but she was able to hitch a ride back so I headed home for The Office and Awake‘s next episode.  I was almost a little let down by episode two, but I’m waiting for next week to really gauge where the show might be going.  I’d love to love it, so my fingers are crossed.

I worked Friday afternoon, and after seeing her missed call, dialed up Korkie on my break.  I told her when I was off, said if she was up to anything then, to give me a ring.  That afternoon, I was just playing Red Dead and relaxing at home, when I just so happened to casually check Facebook.  It was a little before 5pm, and I saw a post from Korkie – she’d been in a car accident with the kids.  She said they were fine, and mentioned one of the girls had some cuts on her face… but it was posted from Mission Hospital.  She said she was fine, but I’d be lying if I said my heart didn’t drop a little.  I gave her a call, and ended up picking her up later on.  Don’t need to go into everything, because this is my blog, not hers, but my poor friend was pretty banged up – bruised and sore all over.  We drove over to grab some In-N-Out (Hi, Brian), and then over to my house.  We just hung out in my room, talking and watching a little Netflix, and she ended up staying the night in my sister’s room.  I barely slept that night, as did she, so the next morning was a bit of an early one.  After a shower and a borrowed shirt (apparently all I wear are blue/green plaid shirts), I took her to her mom’s.  I headed off to work, half dead, but got to enjoy a thankfully relaxing shift.

It was kinda crazy… I started the week off in the exact van and with the same people who, at the end of the week, all crashed in a bad accident.  I’d been on the phone with KB probably just an hour or so before it all happened.  And, of course, Friday night/Saturday were a bit of a blur.  When these things happen in life, though, it’s never really dramatic.. usually all ya can do is laugh together at it all – which we certainly did.

So, how was your week?


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  1. Briggity Brak says:

    *gasp* That's me!


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