Style Of The Oscars – 2012

2012 84th Academy Award Oscar lead actor nominations
School has its hands around my neck, this week, but I’m making time for everybody’s FAVORITE post of the year (note: claims can not be substantiated)!  Instead of a general survey of the many outfits, though, I’m just going to share the ones I preferred.  Why waste my valuable time on negatives, eh?

Natalie Portman:
Natalie Portman 2012 84th Academy Awards
Seems to be common for prior winners to come back looking better than they did before.  Of course, she’s also not pregnant, so that always helps :).  I actually liked how almost-informal it is… save for that giant freaking necklace.  Classy, all around, though.

Rose Byrne:
Rose Byrne 2012 84th Academy Awards
Speaking of classy.. my.  Sequins can either be lovely or cheap, and I think a big part of that is color choice.  Here they’re understated, and the hang of the dress obviously compliments its wearer very well.  I don’t love the shoes, but who notices the shoes :).

Jessica Chastain:
Jessica Chastain 2012 84th Academy Awards
I adore this woman, and can’t help but smile whenever I see her.  I promise, though, this isn’t just a “Babes Mark Likes” list.  This really is my favorite dress from the 2012 show.  I often describe things as “lovely” or “wonderful” but this dress is absolutely beautiful :).  The shape, the style, the colors, and of course… that splendid gold etching.  I think it’s an absolutely fantastic dress.. both for standing out and for complementing the actress.

Billy Crystal:
Billy Crystal 2012 84th Academy Awards
Proof that this list isn’t just about those who turn me on ;).  You can’t see it in this shot, but he actually wore tuxedo tails, and when he first came out I smiled.  It was great to have him back, certainly, but to see a fella in this kinda tux was great.  My favorite of the night :).

Special Mention – Kate Upton:
Alright, maybe this wasn’t an Oscar dress, but consider this our honorary award of the evening ;).  They aired this commercial a number of times during the show, and I my attention was always pulled away from my work… though I can’t imagine why :).


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One Response to Style Of The Oscars – 2012

  1. Briggity Brak says:

    wow. now i wish i hadn't fastforwarded through all the commercials.
    Also, when i first saw "the fella on the bottom left" in there, i assumed he was replacing "the fella on the top right" to illustrate your reaction when "the fella on the top right" didn't win, but there he was on the top right…


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