2.19.12 – 2.25.12

LEGO Town Hall being built
Well, my sister might be halfway across the world, but she still managed to screw with my sleep.  I was nestled in for bed not too late Saturday night, ready for a nice relaxing rest before a lazy Sunday.  At who-knows-when AM, I was shaken from my peaceful slumber by the phone ringing.  It let off a few rings before someone else grabbed it.  My dad’s half-deaf, so he talks really loudly on the phone, and I got to then listen to him booming at whoever was on the other line.  With one eye barely open, I glanced around my room, realizing that it was the dead of night, and when I heard the muffled greetings and laughter of my dad’s voice, I knew exactly who was calling.  Everything was fine, so this idiot just thought it’d be nice to call our house well after midnight for a little check-in.  I mumbled some Mark Mushakian swear words, and eventually fell back asleep.

For the previous weeks, I’ve been writing each day I had something to write about (or the day after), but I fell off that a bit this week.  Honestly, this week was a bit of a blur and not too eventful, anyway, but for one reason or another… Mark Mushakian was feelin’ a bit lonely, so I kinda just took some downtime with Red Dead Redemption and relaxed.  I hadn’t played in a while, but my friend Joe mentioned playing together this weekend (we didn’t), and I took it up again :).  Haha, this game… always there for me when I need it.

Also, this week I finally said goodbye to David Tennant as The Doctor.  I’ve been watching Doctor Who through Netflix, taking breaks from time to time, and this week was his last.  Actually, I screwed up a bit and watched the 11th doctor’s premiere episode first.  It’s not my fault, though, because I assumed it’d all be a part of the season… but Tennant’s farewell is actually a separate 2-part special.  That definitely made it a bit odd, but it was still fine.  Who’da thunk, too.. out of all the babes, my favorite Doctor Who companion is a hilarious old man.  Haha, actually… that makes sense.

After picking it up from work during my shift on Tuesday, Saturday afternoon I finally began a project that I’ve been looking forward to for about a month.  You can see it in progress in this week’s picture above – I’m building the new LEGO Town Hall to display in our store.  It’s not out until March 1, so I have some time, and I’ve just been taking my time and really enjoying the heck out of it.  I’d forgotten how much I enjoy putting a set together, and this thing’s a monster… so that only extends the enjoyment :).  Some folks go through and separate every piece first, so they can just speed through the actual build process, but (as I’ve always done) I just kinda take it at a casual pace, without any formal organization.  That’s not fun, to me.  There have been a few times, already, when I smiled excitedly when I see how they’ve cleverly chosen to create a certain something (like the columns).  I have an income, the store is constantly filled with beautiful moms and cute kids, but this certainly ranks up there, in terms of job benefits :).

This coming week’s gonna be interesting and a little tiring.  I have 3 tests (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday), and I start reading The Hunger Games as soon as I finish writing this (school assignment).  I’ve been reading another book, Rant, but I’m more than okay putting it aside for a while… hasn’t done anything to keep my attention, and for me to specifically say that about a BOOK is really saying something. To start off the week, I’m doing early-morning truck delivery at work Monday for the first time in weeks, too.  Oh, and my prophecy for meeting a sexy blond has yet to happen.  Yet… ;).

So, how was your week?


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