Sherlock Holmes: Game Of Shadows

Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows drinks with Watson
Sherlock Holmes: Game Of Shadows
Time/place: 7:30 showing at the Kaleidoscope with Korkie

Have you seen Sherlock Holmes?  Did you enjoy it?  Did you think it was fantastic fun, smart and quick-witted, and filled with great characters?  Did you pretty much feel the exact same way I did when I saw it and wrote my review on it?

Marvelous… because this sequel is more of the same :).

I actually can’t really say anything about it that I didn’t already say about the first movie, since everything still applies.  Really, though I’m sure the creators would tire of it, I could happily take a new movie in this series every couple of years.  Just great, cinematic fun and enjoyment.

On a personal note (quite unrelated to a Review, but highly related to Mark Mushakian of, if you remember my writing about my attempt at the NaNoWriMo project in November, I didn’t make the deadline.  I’m actually proud of the amount of work I’d done, and it was very (VERY) tough to focus, more often than not, but I did pretty well.  I’m just a little shy of 18,000 words… so it was a great start, and a big challenge to work so free-form, but I stuck and like where it’s going.  Around the beginning of December, though, I lost my steam.  I was extra busy with more hours at work, so I gave myself another month to aim for the end-goal, but as is usually the case when an artist stumbles, personal things came up and I just had no energy to focus on writing.  I was a bit down in the dumps (it happens), so I thought maybe I’d pick up the book again in January.. give myself a fresh start for the next month of writing.

The book is definitely inspired by Doctor Who, and I finally began catching up on the old seasons again just the other night.  That started me thinking about the book again, but I still wasn’t in a place for writing.  Tonight, though, I had a great night out with a friend, and watched a movie that I absolutely loved.  Sherlock was oodles of fun and engaging in every way that makes me love movies… and I really do love movies, with all o’my heart :).  So, as life goes, the spell of funk has been broken, and I walked out of the theater with a skip in my step (the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises helped a lot, too, oh boy)… full of that Mark Mushakian joviality.

Sherlock Holmes: Game Of Shadows was great for me personally, and hit at the perfect time (and was viewed with one of my favorite folks), but it’s also just a fantastic movie on its own.  In seemingly stark contrast to the upcoming Battleship (for which a trailer preceded tonight’s movie), this world of Sherlock is a great example of taking an older, well-known story/idea and giving it a fun new twist without ignoring what makes it what it is.
Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows Moriarty
Grade: A

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I have a book to write :).


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One Response to Sherlock Holmes: Game Of Shadows

  1. Briggity Brak says:

    Wow, i guess i COULD have read this before watching it.


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