Bot Conversation, Anyway

Luke we're gonna have company
Star Wars references aside, last night I came home from work to find an IM from a stranger on my computer.  I don’t always leave my computer on when I’m out, but I’m glad I did :).  I was skeptical from the start, but by the second response, I knew who I was chatting with.  Or, should I say, who I WASN’T chatting with.  I was kinda tired, so I entertained myself with this little bot o’ mine, and saved the conversation… just for you :).

(2011-11-25 19:39:06) carrhowardjqc: heyyy πŸ˜€

(2011-11-25 23:00:05) MarkMushakian: Hello

(2011-11-25 23:00:12) Howard Carr: think we chatted before right? its Kitty πŸ™‚

(2011-11-25 23:00:23) MarkMushakian: Oh, did we?

(2011-11-25 23:00:35) Howard Carr: im sorry i get to be forgetfuI at
times!! How’re you?

(2011-11-25 23:00:44) MarkMushakian: I’m doing well

(2011-11-25 23:00:52) Howard Carr: sooo anyway whats up you busy? if
not wanna have some fun ???

(2011-11-25 23:01:02) MarkMushakian: I’m not busy

(2011-11-25 23:01:12) Howard Carr: ok cool I’m turning my hd webcam on
and we can chat on there if u want too =D??

(2011-11-25 23:01:21) MarkMushakian: Not really πŸ™‚

(2011-11-25 23:01:29) Howard Carr: alright then here cutie πŸ™‚
sketchy-link cIick the green “Accept Invite” on the Ieft
before it expires! see it?

(2011-11-25 23:02:00) MarkMushakian: Haha, how about no thank you.. does that register?

(2011-11-25 23:02:09) Howard Carr: ust click the green accept invite
button at the bottom of the page ;p

(2011-11-25 23:02:22) MarkMushakian: Hm.  No way?

(2011-11-25 23:02:32) Howard Carr: don’t worry baby its free to join
the site aII u have to do is register…

(2011-11-25 23:03:34) MarkMushakian: The oddity of speaking with
someone named “Howard”, who is calling me baby and wanting me to check out their webcam is pretty strong

(2011-11-25 23:03:42) Howard Carr: Kayla

(2011-11-25 23:04:05) MarkMushakian: Your screen name would suggest otherwise πŸ˜‰

(2011-11-25 23:04:16) Howard Carr: Kayla

(2011-11-25 23:04:35) MarkMushakian: I wonder if it’ll happen every time I ask name?

(2011-11-25 23:04:45) Howard Carr: Kayla

(2011-11-25 23:04:54) MarkMushakian: Apparently name so πŸ™‚

(2011-11-25 23:05:06) Howard Carr: Kayla

(2011-11-25 23:05:14) MarkMushakian: What’s in a name, though, really?

(2011-11-25 23:05:22) Howard Carr: Kayla

(2011-11-25 23:05:42) MarkMushakian: Would a rose, by any other name, smell as sweet?

(2011-11-25 23:05:54) Howard Carr: Kayla

(2011-11-25 23:06:24) MarkMushakian: How about en espanol… nombre?

(2011-11-25 23:06:33) Howard Carr: fiII out your credit card info for
AGE verification onIy baby your card wiII Not be charged

(2011-11-25 23:07:01) MarkMushakian: No bueno.  I’ve always liked the name Michael, if I were to have a boy someday.

(2011-11-25 23:07:12) Howard Carr: Kayla

(2011-11-25 23:08:52) MarkMushakian: Though, I sometimes think about how folks in the old days (like in the Bible [will Bible trigger
anything, I wonder?]) got their name based on the meaning

(2011-11-25 23:09:02) Howard Carr: Kayla

(2011-11-25 23:09:54) MarkMushakian: Though, one of my favorite female names is Carolyn.  I’m not really sure why, but I think it’s just
splendid πŸ™‚

(2011-11-25 23:10:02) Howard Carr: I’m a woman!!

(2011-11-25 23:11:28) MarkMushakian: So, you’ve said.  I just figured I’d carry on a conversation using the word name over and over

(2011-11-25 23:11:40) Howard Carr: Kayla

(2011-11-25 23:11:52) MarkMushakian: Ohhhh, your name is Kayla.  I wasn’t sure πŸ™‚

(2011-11-25 23:11:59) Howard Carr: Kayla

(2011-11-25 23:12:33) MarkMushakian: Ya know, you’ve called me
sweetie, and cutie, and maybe even sugar-buns, but do you know my

(2011-11-25 23:12:45) Howard Carr: Kayla

(2011-11-25 23:12:56) MarkMushakian: No, that’s your name.  What’s mine?

(2011-11-25 23:13:04) Howard Carr: Kayla

(2011-11-25 23:13:42) MarkMushakian: Strike two.  Your name is Kayla, yes, but do you know what mine is?  A hint: it’s the red text next to what I’m saying right now.

(2011-11-25 23:13:52) Howard Carr: Kayla

(2011-11-25 23:14:16) MarkMushakian: Hm.  Who’s on first?

(2011-11-25 23:14:27) Howard Carr: ok im ready for you and i got a
cute IiI outfit on πŸ™‚  teII me whut u think i shouId do πŸ˜‰ IoI

(2011-11-25 23:15:39) MarkMushakian: FASHION!  What kind of outfit?

(2011-11-25 23:16:59) MarkMushakian: You know what I really like?
Plaid.  Argyle is nice, too.


And just when things were about to get interesting, she stopped :(.  Women.


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