Rachel McAdams – 33

Rachel McAdams lovely ladies birthday 33
Well, today marks a year of Lovely Lady birthday celebrations here on MarkMushakian.com.  Rachel kicked us off for her 32nd, and she’s back for year 33.  I was busy with all KINDS of new features a year ago.

Speaking of busy, I’m still either working or writing (or TRYING to write).  I don’t go into work again until Sunday (not a cut in hours, but I shifted schedules around with co-workers), so I’m hoping I can catch up on the writing project a bit.  I struggled all day yesterday, hitting a point that just was NOT working, so I actually cut the moment short and moved on to the next chapter… and it actually worked out wonderfully for the story :).  I’ve been finding little things, here and there, that have kept this endeavor interesting.  Special commendation to Scott for talking with me as I struggled to pull myself over that creative hump.

But really, thanks for being born and becoming famous, Rachel McAdams.  You didn’t help me with my writing, but thanks just the same :).


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Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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One Response to Rachel McAdams – 33

  1. guest says:

    why, why, she broke off Ryan? They were so nice couple, they were hope in favor of lave. cheerlessly!


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