Random Beauty Suggestions

Faceless Jessica Simpson
Random Beauty.  You know it, you love it, and you may very well visit markmushakian.com JUST because of it.  I have a very long backlog of bookmarked pictures and new gals to add, and the collection is being added to whenever I get a chance… though design work and actual posts usually take priority ;).

I’ve had a couple of suggestions over the last year, and I aim to please, so I figured I’d make a public call for gals you’d like to see in the Random Beauty section.  You can let me know in the comments below.  Of course, I have to find the picture attractive, too, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t name someone I’m not a big fan of.  Some of my favorite ladies aren’t even in there, or barely at all, so it’s not always about who I like the best… it’s really based on whether I can find great pictures that I find appealing.

So, let me know, and I’ll push those names to the top of my priority list.


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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2 Responses to Random Beauty Suggestions

  1. Briggity Brak says:

    Britney Spears?


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