Body Parts And You – The Female Figure

Sunday Sketch of Kristen Stewart playing chess in Twilight Breaking Dawn

Ooh la la!

I’ve always had a difficult time drawing the human body (who hasn’t), so I’m aiming my focus on that.  I want to spend time (weeks, even, if I feel so inclined) focusing on nothing but a hand, or just the fingers, or ears, or boobs (tee-hee), and really dissect the entire body into small, manageable parts for practice.

This week, I started with a general study of the more difficult of the two human sexes – the female.  I grew up drawing cartoon characters, but even still… they were pretty much always male.  Big muscle men with guns and explosions.  I was a young boy, alright :).  As I grew older, I started drawing more “average” guys, but still… the male shape is more rugged and square, which lent itself well to my rough, sharp sketching technique.  Basically, guys don’t have to be pretty.  Even in cartoon-form, though, the female shape is softer, with curves galore.

I don’t naturally do curves too well.

You may or may not recognize the picture I based today’s sketch on, but it’s definitely a female body.  I liked this shot, because even though the breast is mostly hidden by the arm, the figure is noticeably feminine.  I was originally going to do a couple of gals, but I got a bit distracted working on a site’s design (that I wasn’t planning on touching today) and the day escaped me a bit.

There is also a male in this shot, and I know his sketch would have gone much quicker.  She took me QUITE awhile, because I had to be soft with my pencil strokes (this is another pencil/paper work, by the way).  I decided to not concern myself with the face, even though I did do the hands, simply because that wasn’t the focus of this practice… and I know if I had worried about the face, I would have distracted myself from paying attention to the rounded lines of her shape.

The two sexiest parts of the original shot are the shoulder and the butt.  I think I nailed the shoulder, but I had problems on the proper curve and size of her derriere.  Likewise, I also originally drew her torso too thin, but got it perfect on the second try.. which made me happy.  I was left unsure about her butt and why I couldn’t find the same appeal of the original shot in my line drawing, here.  It may be that the coloring and texture of the photo reveals the tightness and shortness of the shorts better, but I still think I could have better defined that with the lines… I just wasn’t able to.

Overall, though, I really like how this turned out… and it definitely captures the sensual nature of the original picture.  Obviously, I wouldn’t stand a chance to create something this feminine (haha, or human) without being able to eyeball a photograph… but baby steps.  Simple and silly baby steps :).

P.S. – I didn’t include my reference photo, because I wanted the sketch to stand on it’s own, but if you haven’t seen the original picture, and really want to, you can just keep refreshing the page with an eye on Random Beauty.  It’s in there SOMEwhere ;).


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Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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9 Responses to Body Parts And You – The Female Figure

  1. Greg says:

    I think it looks great! I want to be able to draw like this soon. How did you get the picture up on the internet to show it off? I also would like to see more sketches 🙂


    • Mark says:

      Thanks.. I've always thought it turned out well 🙂  I go in waves of artistic interest, so I'll have more drawing on her in the future, I'm sure.  As to how it was uploaded?  It's simply a scan of the page that I darkened slightly.


  2. Greg says:

    I'm the same way with my hobbys some come and go and others just never come back. How did come about making this site did you crate it yourself or pay someone to do it. I want to learn how to make a .com page soon but need to figure out how.


    • Mark says:

      It's all just me running things, here.  I started with just basic html pages (even for the blog), then added a comment system, then a full-blown blog, then eventually changed over to WordPress.. but I've done all the work.  Feel free to email or IM me about it sometime.


  3. Greg says:

    Did you do this with any computer knowledge before hand and do you make any money off the site? which would come from advertising agencies


    • Mark says:

      I started with some basic knowledge, care of an HTML/CSS class I took at my junior college, but I started really learning exponentially once I set up my site and started continually working on it.  I never make any money from this site, and I've never had any interest to do so.


  4. Greg says:

    I'm starting to draw more and more now and would like to make a page like this. Would I have to take a HTML/CSS class or is it easy enough to figure out on my own? I would add a little advertising to mine if I had enough ppl visiting the site.


  5. Greg says:

    good thought, whats the email address?


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