Aaron – 4 – Back In Production

production still from Aaron glasses teaser

You may have dismissed Aaron as one of my many (many) failed creative projects – something I talked about with great excitement, started, then forgot about.  You would have been wrong :).

With two lead actors busy on a movie production and the first three episodes now in the hands of a composer, there is enough of an official break in production for Mild Mannered for Nick and I to finally dedicate some time to wrapping up Aaron.

There are only a couple of days’ worth of shooting left, with an additional day or two for voice-overs, but with the major emotional scene out of the way… it should be smooth sailing.  That being said, I am SLIGHTLY nervous, just because I’ve been away from it so long.  Perhaps nervous isn’t the best word.  I don’t doubt my acting/directing ability, nor do I foresee any major complications with what we have to shoot, but I’ve spent many months away from this story and character, so I have to find my way back into it.  Into HIM, I should say.

It took me a few days to warm up to Aaron, as a character, before production began the first time.  Finding him was a little tricky because I was also focused on producing and directing the movie, but I DID find him.  We’ll be shooting the rest of Aaron within the next few weeks, so I have some time to discover him again, I just haven’t yet… and that’s the only real cause for my trepidation.  This is a journal, so whatever I’m feeling about a project goes here.  No need for concern or deep analysis (as came about when I expressed my thoughts in a previous journal entry), because I’m very happy to be finally finishing this movie.

Very happy :).


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