Capital Children’s Choir

Capital Children's Choir with Rachel Santesso in Abbey Road Studio

Capital Children’s Choir

In honor of the removal of the original upload of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” from YouTube, today (Friday) I am writing about something I intended to write about over a month ago.  It’s interesting how grief can spur us on like that.

I first discovered Capital Children’s Choir about a year ago (maybe longer), by way of their rendition of a Lily Allen song on YouTube – one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen/heard:

Rachel Santesso, the founder and director of the choir, is actually the gal who taught and mentored Lily Allen when she was young… so the fact that she created such a lovely version of Allen’s song with new young talent makes it all the more sweet.  The British accents are just icing on top of the cake.  The use of auto-tune in “Chinese” is slightly jarring, no matter how much I love this song, but I’m more confused by its use than offended by it.  These kids can all sing rather well, so why it was deemed necessary to alter those voices is beyond me. Perhaps it was an arrangement afterthought, who knows.

I think a huge part of the Choir’s charm is the videos, as well as the lovely voices.  Watching cute little kids fidgeting, adorable young ladies laughing with each other, and the fact that they ended up doing all of that while in Abbey Road Studios, brings a smile to my face :).

After discovering this lovely little group, I was eager to see what else they had done, and I was sad to find that they didn’t have much online.  Well, except for a little Guns’N’Roses:

I’ve been a subscriber to their YouTube channel ever since (I’m not posting every video, so check it out, yourself), and with the periodic video releases, it’s fun to watch the girls (and a handful of boys) grow up.  Like an out-of-state uncle, who only sees the kids every once in awhile, each time I see a new video I think, “Wow, you’ve gotten so big.”  The other month, though, this wonderful little group released a new song, and I think I might have a new favorite.  For now…

Capital Children's Choir singer in Abbey Road Studio


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