I Will Vote For Ron Paul

Ron Paul with baby

The title of this post may very well not be a revelation to you.  I’ve talked about Ron Paul before, shared a video of his from a recent debate, and even mentioned how I find it comforting and relaxing just to listen to him.

I like Ron Paul.

Years ago, after having heard his name a number of times, I randomly caught a video of him speaking on YouTube.  I was up until all hours of the morning watching clip after clip – from speeches, to debates, to interviews.  I was enthralled.  Never before had I heard a politician speak in a way that, to me, didn’t FEEL like a politician speaking.  For so long I had been jaded by a political system in this country that I saw as little more than that – a system that operates by itself, for itself.  Most of my life, however, I had been ignorant of someone who was in that system, yet not a part of it.  I’m sure Dr. Ron Paul is not the only honest and trustworthy politician in the United States, but he is the one who first woke me up.  It’s a phrase you’ll commonly hear among those who support him, but I am here to say that, for me, it was completely true:

Ron Paul cured my apathy.

Dr. Ron Paul cured my apathy sign

Congressman Paul announced, this morning, that he will be seeking the Republican nomination for a presidential run in the 2012 election.  I, of course, think that’s wonderful news.  Since the 2008 presidential election, he has gained only more popularity and air-time, so I’m hopeful.  Imagine that… I’m hopeful :).

So, what does this mean for me?

Well, first of all… that means I’m going to register to vote.  Since passing the age of 18 I have never voted.  Not once.  Between laws, impeachments (oh, poor Gray Davis), and officials seeking election, I never felt strongly about anything enough to bother.  I was completely apathetic about it all, not really because I didn’t care… but because I didn’t believe I could make a difference with the options presented to me.  This time around, though, I feel differently.

What does this mean for you?

If you already like and support Ron Paul, fantastic.. let’s hug.  If you know all about him, have listened to him speak, and disagree with his viewpoints, I don’t think that’s fantastic, of course… but I accept that you’ve made your decision and we can hug, too.  However, if you are apathetic toward things, if you think you might vote for someone in this upcoming election “just because…”, or any other situation that currently escapes me, all I ask is that you listen to what Ron Paul has to say.

I do my best to promote lovely, thought-provoking, or entertaining things on this site, and you don’t owe me a single thing for that.  I would, however, encourage you to set aside some time to investigate the things that Ron Paul talks about, with an open ear.  For me, there isn’t really much that I disagree with him on – but those are my thoughts and opinions, not yours.  Some of the ideas he talks about aren’t what you may be used to hearing, but all I ask – and all he ever asks – is that you listen.  Just as it is with anything I believe, it is not my job to convince you… merely to present you with the opportunity to think of something you might not have before and to now be aware of it.  I will tell you that I am a Christian, that I hope you might also be, and why I believe what I do… but it isn’t even within my capacity to brainwash you into believing as I do – nor would I want to.  On the same token, I could tell you that I support Ron Paul’s bid for the presidency of the United States, that I would love everyone I mention this to join me in that support, and I could even give examples of the points that he and I relate on, but that would be about my personal investment – not yours.

Having said all that, if you are so inclined, and I do hope that you are, I encourage you to find out about Presidential-hopeful Ron Paul the same way I did – through his own words.  A YouTube search for his name will yield thousands of results, and from there will branch out into others.  I am always happy to talk about why I support him, but I feel it is best for him to speak on his own behalf.

Beyond an online search, you may also be interested in finding out more on Ron Paul here:
Ron Paul 2012 – Official
Ron Paul – Facebook

It is rare that I feel this strongly about something, so I am simply taking this opportunity to use this lil’ ol’ platform of mine to share about it.  Last election, Ron Paul was given little respect from the media (as are most of us), so I wrote this in hope that you might take an interest enough to seek out the truth behind the sound-bites and entertainment most of our news programs give us.  I tow no party line, I’m as far from a political pundit as one could imagine, and I hate confrontation… but I wanted to share this with the folks I know and love, and any other strangers out there who stop by – because I care about it.

I can actually, really care :).

Ron Paul for President in 2012 – Restore America Now.

Ron Paul smiling


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2 Responses to I Will Vote For Ron Paul

  1. Marsha says:

    I'd like to give you a hug because I love Ron Paul too!


    • Mark says:

      Haha, well, we can try and make that happen sometime, Marsha. You know how to get ahold of me 🙂

      These are my favorite kind of comments, though… happy ones 🙂


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