Will And Kate Get Hitched

Will and Kate engagment portrait

First of all – congrats, you two :).  The Prince and I were born on the same day, so I’ve always found an interesting kinship in his ups and downs of life… almost like a brother.  When his mom died, I cried.  She was a lovely woman, and so to see William having found a wife who is just as lovely and strong – it was quite a wonderful sight to see them walk down the aisle together.  I actually stayed up until 4am watching the whole event, and it was pretty fantastic to be a part of something not only big, but joyous.  Imagine the happy wedding of a friend or relative you’ve been a part of, if you have, and now imagine enjoying it with the entire world.  It was really cool, and often touching :).

I hadn’t planned on even watching the whole thing, but when I first saw Kate Middleton in her wedding dress… I thought it deserved a mention here.

First of all, there were a number of really great looking women on that guest list.  We’re not here to talk about lovely ladies, though.. it’s fashion!  While the women looked great, what they wore… eh, not as much so.  Just about every lady there wore a hat, and they were mostly very silly looking:

Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice with funny hats

The guests aren’t the ones getting married, though.  That duty belonged to William and Kate, and they were far from disappointing:

Prince William and Princess Catherine

We’ll start with the prince.  Now, he just didn’t think the color red was an en vogue style choice.. he had his reasons, but I thought he looked great.  His dad married his mom while in a dark suit, and seeing William walking into the church in that bold red coat was quite a sight :).  I also like the minimal adornment of medals and extraneous decoration.  It’s rather easy to say, but he absolutely looked like a prince.

Of course, it’s easy to forget he’s even in some of those pictures when he’s standing next to his beautiful bride.  The first time I caught a glimpse of her as she entered the car on her way to the wedding, I smiled.  The tall collar, the long lace sleeves, the simple tiara… perfection.  Anytime I’ve seen her photographed out and about, she personifies class and style, so this wasn’t much surprise.  I heard that she referenced Grace Kelly as a fashion inspiration for her wedding attire, and I think it’s an absolutely fitting comparison even outside of the wedding day.

Once Kate arrived at the church, and the whole dress was revealed, I couldn’t find a single thing I wished was different.  Her sister, Pippa (dressed absolutely lovely, in her own right), adjusted Kate’s simple train before they entered, and it was nice to see that it wasn’t nearly as long as Princess Diana’s.  That wedding from 30 years ago, which was obviously a continual point of comparison by the TV commentators, was very much a fairytale event… and the wedding dress emulated that.  What captivated me so much about Will and Kate’s marriage affair was that it could have just as easily been happening in a small chapel out in the country.  While there was grand pomp and circumstance, it still FELT small and intimate, and a big part of that was the classy simplicity of what the couple wore.

I didn’t hear about this until after I’d gone to bed and woken up, yesterday, but the (now) Princess Catherine was still making amazing choices when it came time for the reception party, as well.  Both of her dresses from the day fit her slim figure well, but what thrills me about this reception gown is that sweater.  It’s fun, it’s cozy, and it shouts out that she is completely comfortable in her environment.. and ready to have a fun night:

Princess Kate in her wedding reception gown

I already gushed with a friend about what a lovely and beautiful event the whole morning was, which is why I kept this a Fashion entry, but still… I have to reiterate how very exciting it was to watch the whole thing live.  I was already emotional from saying goodbye to Michael Scott on The Office, and so I was just in the perfectly sappy mood for an international royal wedding event.  As with any marriage, I wish these two the best of luck… and I look forward to a long future of classy fashion from them, as well :).


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4 Responses to Will And Kate Get Hitched

  1. Nick says:

    Really Mark? Really?


  2. Nick says:

    Haha this is just such a weird post. Especially coming from you. But such is life 😉


    • Mark says:

      Haha, such IS life. When it comes to expectations, "you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling." 🙂


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