The Office – "Training Day"

The Office cast shot blank Steve Carrell

Last night we got a taste of what The Office will be like without its central star.  Now, he’s still around, and this has always been an ensemble show – but since I know he’s leaving, I was able to see this episode in a different light.

Personally, when I heard Carrell was leaving, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to end the show… but that’s also because I’ve never known the show without him in it.  The Sopranos without Tony Soprano doesn’t work… because the show is mainly about him.  The only reason The Office without Michael Scott will feel strange, is because he’s always been there as a general focal point.. both in terms of the show and the characters’ lives.  Even through all of the show’s storylines, there was that basic familiarity to fall back on.  With this new episode, though, I saw the potential for just how new and different things could be.  I saw that all these characters I know and love could have a breath of fresh air blown into their sails now that they don’t have that safety net character to keep things grounded (well.. as grounded as they ever were).  Don’t get me wrong, I may very well cry when Scott walks off the show, but as with any good memory – I saw the potential for a good future, too.

You can select multiple answers in the poll below, but they are written with fans in mind.  If you’re someone who, every time The Office is mentioned, likes to remind the world of your opinion that, “Pfft, The Office hasn’t been good since season X anyway” you need not apply here.

So, what’d you think of this latest episode and how do you feel about the show’s future?


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3 Responses to The Office – "Training Day"

  1. Briggity Brak says:

    i voted every bad thing i could because that episode sucked. and will ferrell sucks. and the office sucks.


  2. Briggity Brak says:

    one of those things might not actually be true.


  3. danny kneip says:

    briggity brak the wet blanket!! sheesh!! 😉

    personally, i think of cheers without diane, three's company without chrissy, and bobby ewing left dallas for a season, too. those shows did fine and continued to flourish. i think office will be different and there is potential for it to be as good. i like carrell leaving on his own terms rather than dying during production, as caroleanne did in poltergeist III, and there is no good way to recover from that. 😦


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