An Ode To 17 Coral Sea

guitar hero world tour innocent mark mushakian mike diaz and nick reiber

Oh, 17 Coral Sea… you were good to us, and as this day is your last in our lives, I want to remind you just how valuable you have been.

You were good to my friend, Nick Reiber…

Nick Reiber swirly beard drumming

After the end of a very messy relationship, and a stint of living back at home, you welcomed Nick into your 2nd floor arms.  You provided a fortress of solitude in which he could re-find his way.  You allowed him to finally be free, becoming whatever it was he needed you to be: a bachelor pad, a lover’s nest, a young man’s first apartment on his own.  You helped prepare him for who he needed to become, and now he leaves you – a butterfly transformed in your cocoon.

You were good to our friends…

Nathan Eick Korkie Bullard Mike Diaz Mark Mushakian play Guitar Hero

Through relationships that dwindled, to those that were rekindled, you always held us in your bosom of love and reminded us what friendship was.  You provided hours and evenings and days and weeks of Guitar Hero good-times. How many movies were enjoyed within you?  When hoping to spend an evening talking about our feelings, you let us be open with each other.  You were open too, 17 Coral Sea.  You were open too.

You were good for the soul…

Nick Reiber and Bree Salter on couch first picture together

Found contained within your walls, were the sounds of life: echoes of laughter, tears of sadness, silence of anger, tempos of love.  The memories you brought us are as countless as the sands of the beach.  You were witness to the budding of a fresh and powerful love, one that would continue on to mend a damaged heart.  You encouraged us to become better than who we were, and to strive to be better than we are.

You were good to me…

me being blinded by camera flash

Here is where I first met Bree Salter.  Here is where I formed new creative ideas and where others necessarily died.  Here is where I discovered the joys of shooting policemen from helicopters, and continually shooting them as they fell to their death.  Here is where I attempted to make certain phone calls, only to find certain pictures on certain cellphones when I went to dial.  Here is where I fell in love with Penis.  Here is where Band Practice was born, where it became Game Night… and where it died.  Here is where a dead tree was brought in to celebrate the holiday, and where it died even more.  Here is where I discovered that certain parts of my body teach basketball to inner-city kids while I’m asleep.  Here is where I made my home-away-from-home for a week, in absence of your owner.  Here is where I discovered the inner parts of my box of love.  Here is where hundreds of memories were formed, yet here is not where I will remember them.  No, these I shall have, always, to cherish in my heart.

You were good to us, 17 Coral Sea.  We will miss you.

Wii dogz sequel penis

P.S. – Okay, so I guess I’ll cherish a BIT more than the memories…

new plasma TV in my room

(Above: The most recent donation to the Mark Will Probably Take Your Stuff When You Don’t Want It Foundation.  Sometimes we get books… but sometimes we freakin’ score ;))


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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2 Responses to An Ode To 17 Coral Sea

  1. Nick says:

    Thank you for this Mark. A lovely tribute to a good apartment.


  2. danny kneip says:

    sounds like some nice memories, and some disturbing images that will most definitely ruin my quite sunday afternoon.


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