Drug Me Up – Part 3

Nancy Reagan portrait just say no to drugs

Last Sunday, a week ago, I went to see a movie with a friend in Irvine.  As I drove up, after about 10-15 minutes on the freeway, I started to get a little dizzy.  Then I got a little nauseous.  By the time I reached the theater, I was shaky.  I bought a ticket, anyway, hoping to just calm down, but even once we were inside… I was still a mess.  I sat in my seat for about 20 seconds before I got up, told my friend (Hi, Sarah), “If I don’t come back, I’m sorry… enjoy the movie”, and booked it to the bathroom.  I never did anything, but the nausea and slight dizziness stuck with me.  I spent about an hour standing in a bathroom stall (just in case), and then went out and almost took a nap on some chairs the theater had in this little lounge/waiting area.

The movie let out, and we walked over (in a little bit o’ rain) to grab some fast-food burgers.  I was hoping that, perhaps, hunger was one of the roots of my issue.  It helped a little, but I was still kind of a wreck.  We parted ways, and the rain had picked up quite a bit, so I was slightly nervous about driving home.  It was a darn miracle, though, because as I got onto the freeway, there was nobody behind me.  I drove about 50 mph the entire way home, and not once was there a car behind me that would be cause for me to speed up.  It was raining darn hard, though, so everyone was driving fairly cautiously.

My dizziness actually seemed to be fairly okay at that slower speed, but as I drove, though, I eventually started having trouble swallowing.  What the heck was HAPPENING to me!?  I made it home just fine, and drinking a bunch of water helped level me out.

The issue?  These lovely pills I’d started taking.  I tried doing a test-drive the next day, just to see if the problems were a fluke, but as soon as I got up to freeway speeds, the dizziness returned.  I went down from two pills a day, to one, and the issues of dizziness dissipated (say THAT 57 times fast.  Yes… 57).

That was great… except that, a few days ago, my sinuses started to fill back up.  So, I was still having allergy issues, while taking allergy pills, and on top of that, there was that issue of extreme dry-mouth that had caused my swallowing issue on the rainy Sunday night.  These things just sucked my whole head dry, which is their job… they’re just too darn strong.  My dizziness was gone, but I’ve found it near-impossible to get enough liquids into me to satisfy my dry mouth.  Plus, I could feel just how dry my sinuses were.  It was just all too much.

So, for now, I’m back off of ’em.  I’ve been working on managing my stress through my journal writing, exercise, and learning to express myself better, and now I’m working on dealing with my allergies in a natural and proper way.  I really did give these pills a fair shot, in an effort to challenge my long-term dislike of medication… they just didn’t work out.

I’m starting with dietary improvements and figuring out what types may make my allergies worse or better (such as common culprits, like milk), so for now… I’m no longer drugged up.


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