Employed, Once More

success kid saying Didn't have a job &ndash got one


So, it’s official – I have a job, again.  After the interview I had last week, they are so desperate for folks that I was pretty certain I’d get it… but I’ve been duped by “interested” employers before, so I couldn’t guarantee it until I got the phone call today.  I’m going to call Monday to find out when training will start, but I’m really darn happy to finally have a permanent income again.  I had a very welcomed temporary relief in my seasonal job at Michael’s, but I haven’t otherwise had a job for over a year.

It’s only entry-level, so I won’t be moving out on my own with THIS income, but I’m darn happy to have it… and it’s a fine environment for “movin’ on up (to the east side)” as I gain more experience.  As to what the job precisely entails, I’ll have to let ya know more as I find out later, but I’m writing today to happily share with ya’ll that I am now going to officially be an employee in the service deli of Ralph’s supermarket.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go reactivate my Netflix account.  Thank you, God :).

Seasick Steve – “Happy (To Have A Job)”

[audio:/Blog/2011/Seasick Steve–Happy (to have a job).mp3|titles=Happy (To Have A Job)|artists=Seasick Steve]

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One Response to Employed, Once More

  1. Nick says:

    congrats sir!


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