If You’re Gonna Go, Go With A Smile

Anna Kendrick sexy in Purple magazine

First of all, no… that great looking picture has nothing at all to do with this post.  I just really like looking at it, so I put there.

Second of all, yes… I am aware that I am mixing my movie-Joker quotes by labeling a Why So Serious? post with a line from Batman.

Third of all, it’s 1:56am as I’m typing these words (and it’ll be later when I finish), so if there are typos or I get a little confusing – I’m sorry.  Just look at Anna Kendrick again and forget it :).

So, what’s the ramble?  This blog series is where I like to remind folks of the silly things in life.  The end of one of my favorite movies talks about how it’s the small, seemingly insignificant things in our lives that are actually here to save us.  That’s what Why So Serious? is all about.  Usually, I’m here to offer you a funny image, but this time’s a little different.

For the last week, I’ve been a bit physically off.  I haven’t been very active, so it made sense.  Starting this weekend, though, I started to have a hard time breathing.  That’s nothing new for a boy who grew up with asthma and as someone who deals with varying physical issues every season-change (fevers, asthma, sinus-headaches)… though it definitely seems a bit worse this year.  I also have scoliosis, so my upper body is a bit twisted, sometimes adding to the sore muscles and tight chest that come with a lack of oxygen.  Haha, it’s fun.

So, basically, there are a number of factors that can play into any physical issue I have.  This causes this, which amplifies that, which triggers this.. and BAM, I’m walking like a zombie, a grimace on my face, just doing my best to maintain a comfort level that’s manageable.  This doesn’t sound fun, so what the HECK does this entry have to do with this blog series.

Well, I learned long ago, that as Daniel Craig says in the movie I first discovered him in… “It’s all so f*cking hysterical.”

In Tim Burton’s Batman, my favorite part is when Joker see’s his newly deformed face for the first time.  He doesn’t scream or yell.  He doesn’t even really seem to get angry.  He starts to laugh.  He smashes the mirror and walks out of the room laughing his darn head off.  Why?

He gets it ;).

Haha, now it’s late.. and I’m not trying to draw some deep analysis into a movie that isn’t asking for it,  but that scene exemplifies something very important.  Yesterday (well, Sunday… but I’m still on Monday-mentality, here), after my chest started to really bug me, I decided to take myself out for a walk – to expel some of this nervous energy that builds up in me (thanks, Dad), soak in some Vitamin D, and because the only reason I’ve left my house in the last few weeks was to shoot Nick’s web-series one day a week… and we even skipped this week.

So, I’m out there in my neighborhood, hunched to the side, walking with an off-kilter stride, listening to Pandora on my phone (the future, my goodness), and I’m talking with God.  This post could just as easily have carried the label of My Christian Walk.  One of the keys to being a good, true Christian is that our conversations with God aren’t always going to be pretty… but, of course, that’s what He wants.  So, I’m an unemployed 28 year old man walking the streets of the neighborhood he lives in with his parents… and then, I can’t even freaking breathe.  My prayer fluctuated in topics, but I was at a point when I was saying, “God.. I’m just tired of being me.”  The previous song being fueled in through my headphones had just ended, and what starts?

Radiohead – Creep.

I smiled, then I smiled hard.. and then I was pretty quickly laughing (best I can, in this state).  I’m walking like a retard down this street, telling God that I’m tired of being me (of markmushakian.com), and “Creep” starts playing.  How is that not hilarious?  That’s why, after talking about all of my physical annoyances above, this post is purposefully placed in a blog series that focuses on humor.

Who knows, maybe I’m dying from the world’s longest heart-attack, but I doubt it.  Even if I am – if you’re gonna go, go with a smile.  Sure, not being able to breathe, or having no job, or whatever else is going on… these things are all really, really annoying.  Like anyone, sometimes I’ll get frustrated, sometimes I’ll get sad, sometimes I’m just ready for all of it to be done with – I’m human :).  Ultimately, though… it ends with a laugh.  It’s 3:19am (I was distracted by Do The Right Thing and now Three’s Company), and I’m still up because I’m just not relaxed enough to be able to sleep…. but I’m laughing.  A few hours ago I wheezed and moaned my way downstairs to get some more water, and as I slowly climbed back up, the humor hit me again.  Why?

This is life.  There are things to take seriously, and not everything is rosy… but most of it can be pretty dang hilarious – not because it’s inherently funny, but because it’s funny in context.  Have a really important interview you’re trying to get to?  What’s more entertaining than getting stuck in traffic and missing it?  Put together the perfect outfit for a date?  Here.. have a little surprise mustard stain right on the crotch.  How did The Joker become The Joker?  He lived life.  No matter what we expect of life, how nicely we’d like things to go… sometimes we just can’t breathe.

And what isn’t funny about that? 😉


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Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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