Style Of The Oscars – 2011

Mark Mushakian and Anne Hathaway style of the oscars 2011

FASHION!  My game-night boys should know where this title is from, and I actually created the category banner during the site re-design, but haven’t been able to use it until now. Fashion! is, as you can assume, a new series that deals with fashion – from movie premieres, award shows, and whenever something catches my eye… or inspires me to write on this fabulous topic.

We’re starting this series off with the “big one” of the year – The Academy Awards.  I actually wanted to do this last year, but it just didn’t come about.  I’m dead tired from being up at 5am to shoot Mild Mannered this morning, but so what.  I like fashion and style and I like good-looking movie stars, and that’s enough for me.  I’m no expert, so consider this more like a conversation with the gals in the hair salon… just gabbin’ about what those movie stars were wearing and going over some of my favorite outfits.  Let’s do this thing!

Jennifer Lawrence:
Jennifer Lawrence Oscars 2011

She was the first gal I saw walking the red carpet, and what a way to start.  I enjoy simplicity, and that bright red dress hugged her like a glove.  That’s the thing, though.. when you’re a great looking gal, you really don’t need to do much to show that off.  I wish that it had been hemmed to hover just above the ground, though… it always makes a lady seem like she’s hovering as she walks, and seeing a pretty dress dragging along the ground usually looks bad to me.

Mila Kunis:
Mila Kunis Oscars 2011

Oh, hello, Boobs.  How are you?  My goodness is that a sexy dress.  It’s a little low-cut for my taste, but the streaks of sheer lace are my favorite part.  It just completely amplifies the dress’s already flowing feel – as if the whole thing is ready to fall apart into strips of fabric and lace.  The coloring was really interesting, too.. I noticed it more live than in the pictures, but it almost seemed to glow.

Hailee Steinfeld:
Hailee Steinfeld Oscars 2011

Absolutely adorable.  I just can’t say much else :).  She also had a huge smile on the whole time, and for a girl her age, it was just the perfect mix of youthful class.

Mandy Moore:
Mandy Moore Oscars 2011

I tend to prefer a natural look, but when I first saw her I was very impressed.  With her hair pulled back, she seemed to take on a maturity beyond her age, and I thought it was great.  The speckled fade at the top of her dress is absolutely wonderful, too.  With the color matching her skin tone so closely, it creates a really lovely illusion… and no, that’s not my way of saying that I like this because it kinda makes her look naked.  This is Fashion! not Lovely Ladies ;).

Melissa Leo:
Melissa Leo Oscars 2011

I actually really liked her dress.  The popped collar, the angular frame of the shoulders, the middle-part from the bottom up… it’s all just a really lovely thing.  In fact, stopping to look at it again – I love it even more than I first did.  I like that it’s primarily white, too.  Someone made an Elvis comparison, but Elvis didn’t quite look this classy.

Florence Welch:
Florence Welch Oscars 2011

You can always count on a musician to be interesting :).  It fits her, though.  Below the neck, it’s like something out of a revisionist take on the early 1900’s… then you hit that fire-red hair and it pops back to 2011, making for a really interesting combination.  I said interesting twice (thrice, now), but it’s like an actor that I love to watch… just because they’re interesting.

Michelle Williams:
Michelle Williams Oscar 2011

My goodness.  I think this looked a jillion times better in motion, so I’m sorry to not be able to share that here.  When I first saw her, it was from afar, and I thought it was Carey Mulligan.  Once again, hemming the dress just above the ground works really well, but what I really loved is how it moved on her body.  I have no clue what the heck it was made out of, but it had the structural firmness of a thicker fabric, while almost flowing like lace.  Bizarre, but lovely.

Amy Adams:
Amy Adams Oscar 2011

Each year, there is at least one gal who shows up as a flashback to Golden Age Hollywood glamor… and this year it was Amy.  I love everything about it: the color, the sparkle that keeps her light skin from standing out too strongly against the dark hue of the dress, and the green in her jewelry is a really nice “pop”.  It was hard to watch her interviews, though, because while her hair looks really nice, it just fell across her face too stiffly.  Looks fantastic in a still, though :).

Cate Blanchett:
Cate Blanchett Oscar 2011

Oh, Cate.  This dress on pretty much anyone else wouldn’t really interest me, but I adore her so much that she can transcend most any style choice and make it work very well.  It’s in how she carries herself, her charm and wit, that makes it work.  The beads on the dress aren’t so bad, but the circular cut-out in the center really looks awkward to me.  Still, though, as I said… she pulls it off.  She also had one of the most genuinely funny moments when presenting best make-up and seeing clips from The Wolfman.  “Gross.”

Scarlett Johansson:
Scarlett Johansson Oscar 2011

Wow.  I’m not her biggest fan, but everything here is sexy and beautiful.  You’ll see lace on plenty of dresses, but I really like that hers includes flowers in the pattern.  As with Jennifer Lawrence, it’s a form-fitting dress that only exemplifies an already-wonderful body, but what really set it apart for me was the tossed short hair.  With a longer, more refined hair style, I think the whole get-up would really have lost something.  Until I saw the still photo, however, I didn’t notice exactly WHAT was being shown through the dress, and I think it would have looked much nicer to have something on underneath that covered her stomach, as well.

Nicole Kidman:
Nicole Kidman Oscar 2011

I didn’t quite love this dress, but she’s here because of everything from the chest up.  Fashion is more than clothing, of course, and I think she looked absolutely lovely at the show.  The dress wasn’t bad, and I actually kind of liked the side-flares, but I don’t like that they appear to button across the front.  With the pattern, the button effect just makes it all feel too busy.

Reese Witherspoon:
Reese Witherspoon Oscar 2011

My jaw dropped open :).  I’m already a huge fan of hers, anyway, and I can admit that impartiality here, but on top of the fact that I thought she looked absolutely gorgeous, I really liked this get-up.  A very 60’s inspired ensemble, the extra-large “ponytail” (what would that even be called?) immediately sets the whole thing apart as “fun”.  I started this list by saying I prefer simplicity, and this beautiful little black-and-white dress falls right in that line.  While all of the dresses I saw this year actually felt very unique, this one especially stood out to me as a vibrant breath of fresh air.

Anne Hathaway:
Anne Hathaway Oscar 2011
Most everything she wore during the show was great, and I’m not going to try to muster up pictures of every outfit.  My personal favorite, actually, was the tuxedo, but that one’s more a Lovely Ladies kind of rationale ;).  Since I’m writing this right after the show (actually, I was writing DURING the show, too), I can’t seem to find a shot of my favorite dress of hers, but I can tell you that I liked it very much, if that’s any consolation :).

Now, I’m not big on awards, simply because choosing a “best” is just about impossible for me.  I CAN, however, occasionally define a personal favorite out of a group, so in honor of this being my fashion coverage of an awards show, I’ll do just that.  So, which of these gals made my favorite fashion choice of the evening?

I have to give it to Reese Witherspoon.  There were plenty of great looks at this year’s show, but the fun and elegant simplicity of her ensemble just peaks her out a little bit above the rest.


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