Les Choristes Du L’Amour

Les Choristes (The Chorus) lead comforting child
As my free trial of Netflix comes to an end this week (barring any sudden employment), I’ve bumped a couple of DVD’s to the top of my queue.  One of these that I’d been eager to see, I just watched this morning, Les Choristes (The Chorus).  It’s far from new, but I’ve wanted to see it since before it even showed up on the shelves of Blockbuster (my first store).  I absolutely loved it (A+, all around), not disappointed in the least, but it made me think about something.

It’s a story of a man making a difference in some kids’ lives, without fanfare or grand recognition.  There are even more similarities between myself and the story’s lead character, but I’ll leave you to see those in the movie.  As this subject matter usually will, it made me recall my time spent working with kids.  Through child-care at 24 Hr. Fitness and two YMCA locations, I’ve spent a decent amount of time with a fair number of kids.  I started to wonder, “Did I have any significant influence on anyone?  Will the fact that I turned one little girl from a mindless obsession of Teletubbies to an appreciation of Mr. Rogers mean anything?  Was my patient nature enough to have a lasting effect on some of those kids who hadn’t known it before?  Will my stance on love-based discipline with the kids in my care change their lives for the better in any way?”

It wasn’t a though-process of dour questioning – it had actually come from a very warm reminder, provided by this lovely movie, that there was most likely an affirmative answer to all of my questions.  To what degree, I’ll probably never know, but that’s okay.

Our lives are not our own.  As I’ve been reading through the opening chapters of the Bible lately, that is one thing that has recently been re-impressed on my heart… in a very coincidental relation to this afternoon’s movie-viewing.  Years and years ago, I saw a cute young girl driving North on the 405 freeway, dancing in her car and singing her heart out.  I smiled, she caught me noticing her, and we shared a laugh as she took an off-ramp.  I’ll never forget that, and I often remind myself of it when feeling glum.  No matter how significant or seemingly-simple our daily actions are, they can profoundly affect those around us – for better or worse.

Les Choristes put me in a very warm, sappy place, which is why you’re getting a warm, sappy post – but I think it’s one of the more valuable things we can remember.  The funny thing is that I woke up this morning, and chose to take a Sabbath (something I, sadly, don’t generally do) – a day of rest to enjoy the good things God has given me, and to catch up on my Bible-reading.  On this day, I have been reminded, very personally, that the love we show for others is just about the most valuable commodity we have.

Our lives, truly, are not ours… and, as I can only speak as a Christian on this matter, there is a surprisingly warm comfort in that :).  Though I may have gotten the tense incorrect, the title of this post should translate to “Choristers of Love”.  I can think of no better title to be honored with during my life than of someone who (figuratively) is a singer of love… can you? 🙂


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