Attractive Older Women Part 4

attractive older women banner - Mary-Louise Parker, Kelly Preston, Keri Russell, Winona Ryder, Elisabeth Shue, Helen Slater

Part 4 of 5

Part 1 set up the what and why, and Part 2 and Part 3 continued the story, but I’d also like to address something else:

I did the math (it was hard), but 83% of the women in today’s post are someone I noticed when I was much younger – a little kid, in most cases.  So, does that nostalgia affect my interest?  Am I blind to their aging because I grew up thinking they looked great?  I’ll let you ponder that one until next week’s conclusion, when I bring it all together, but I want to leave you with something on that topic before today’s ladies:

attractive older women problem - carrie fisher

Think about it…

Mary-Louise Parker – ’64
attractive older women - Mary-Louise Parker

She’s older than a number of gals on this list, yet she looks like she’s younger than they are.  Blessed genes, yes, but you still want to try to tell me age should define physical attraction?

Kelly Preston – ’62
attractive older women - Kelly Preston

I’ve loved the movie Twins since I was a kid, and I’ll never forget especially enjoying every scene Kelly was in – even if I didn’t know why.  She still looks just as amazing as she did then.

Keri Russell – ’76
attractive older women - Keri Russell

All I do is sigh when I see her in something.  Hers was the only character I ended up caring about in Mission: Impossible III, and it was sad to see her character leave the movie so early.  The makers of Honey I Blew Up The Kid knew what they were doing, though, and kept her around the whole time.

Winona Ryder – ’71
attractive older women - Winona Ryder

HUGE eyes – check.  Great body – check.  Perfect height – check.  Adorableness out the wazoo – check.  Starred in a movie where she had sex with a ventriloquist’s inanimate dummy – check.  Wait, what?  Yep.. and it’s hot, too ;).

Elisabeth Shue – ’63
attractive older women - Elisabeth Shue

You should’ve known this one was coming since the very beginning of the series ;).  From The Karate Kid to now… she’s never looked bad.  Her coy smirks and sexy charm, along with everything else, will always ensure her a spot on my list.

Helen Slater – ’63
attractive older women - Helen Slater

Who?  Supergirl, man.  She’s been in other things too, though, and I’ve always loved seeing her.  She took some years away to spend time on creating music, but a recent visit to her website says it’s under construction and has a link to her current acting reel.  I’d really love to see her come back in something great.


Four down… one left. This is your last chance to guess next week’s ladies… and I know you’ve been sustaining the joy in your life by being able to do so, but I hope you can somehow manage to move on after this.

attractive older women - part 5 preview


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3 Responses to Attractive Older Women Part 4

  1. Bree says:

    4. Naomi Watts
    5. Rachel Weisz?

    Otherwise this is a toughy.


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