Attractive Older Women Part 1

attractive older women banner - elizabeth banks, kate beckinsale, cate blanchett, jennifer connely, kristin davis, carla gugino
Part 1 of 5

I’ve recently been part of a few conversations regarding age and its effect on the sexual appeal of women.  My stance was, as it often is, on the defensive… that age has nothing to do with a person’s level of attractiveness.  If someone is good-looking, they are good-looking… no matter what.  Youth is certainly attractive, and I’ll be the first to admit that, but it isn’t defining of the word.  People will, most of the time, look better when they’re younger.  Why wouldn’t they?  As we age, our bodies shift and change, hair disappears as wrinkles appear, and our physical selves slowly make the progression toward death.  But, does that mean that folks can’t still be attractive as they get older?

The title of this entry should inform you that I’m about to answer with an, “Of course not.”

This title should ALSO inform you that this is just Part 1 of a series.  Every Thursday, for the month of December, I’ll present to you 6 gals that are older than I am… and still darn good looking.  The fantastic thing about it all, is that no matter what, these women will ALWAYS be older than I am :)… and I can guarantee you that I’ll still think pretty much all of them look great for a long while after this.

The Self-Imposed Guidelines:

– So as to keep these posts relevant to any future reading, I will be posting the IMDB-listed birthday for each gal instead of their age.  I know there could be falsity in those dates… but most actresses past a certain age aren’t going to be fudging themselves to be OLDER than they are, so that point’s irrelevant here ;).

– Sienna Miller is technically older than I am (by a year), and certainly someone who I think is astounding looking, but I’ve kept this list more honest than that.  The youngest gals here were born in 1976, and they are in the minority.

– I have only included gals that I think are attractive at this VERY moment in time.  No digging through history, and no ladies who WERE good-looking after a certain age.

– Plastic surgery may be present, as Hollywood is a very vain place, but that is NOT what makes any of these women still attractive.  If anything, it’s a detractor.

– This is a very small sampling, and obviously doesn’t include the many great looking women who AREN’T famous.  It’s also completely personal, because who on Earth could speak for what everyone found attractive?

– I’ll aim to only post more recent pictures, though I can’t make promises.  Still – there won’t be anything so extreme as would be posting a shot of Carrie Fischer in her slave outfit from The Return of the Jedi and saying that’s what makes her hot now.

– The list is in no order of importance, simply alphabetical by last name.

Right.  Done.  So, onto it then, shall we?

Elizabeth Banks – ’74
attractive older women - elizabeth banks

You might want to cry nepotism, but it’s a complete coincidence that her name was first on the list.  Not that she wouldn’t be first on the list anyway :).

Kate Beckinsale – ’73
attractive older women - kate beckinsale

She’s always reminded me of a mouse.  A cute, sexy little British mouse.  And that title of “Sexiest Woman Alive” from Esquire magazine was from 2009, so… yep.  You can say it’s great lighting and make-up – but she looks just as good when she’s just out and about.

Cate Blanchett – ’69
attractive older women - cate blanchett

Proof that not every part of attraction is physical.  Not that Cate is a bad lookin’ gal, by any means, but her acting ability only amplifies that. Her as Katherine Hepburn in The Aviator was a sexy combination.

Jennifer Connelly – ’70
attractive older women - Jennifer Connelly

She may have had the misfortune of being in the bad Hulk movie, but Jennifer Connelly is one of my favorite examples of the cliche phrase – she really does improve with age, like a fine wine. And those EYES… my goodness.

Kristin Davis – ’65
attractive older women - Kristin Davis

If I’ve seen any episodes of “Sex and the City” (and I have) it’s because of her. Plus, she was in The Shaggy Dog… and I like dogs ;).

Carla Gugino – ’71
attractive older women - Carla Gugino

She’s always had a very interesting face (but still very pretty), almost as if it’s been vertically smooshed, but who cares?  I mean egads, who really freaking CARES??


That’s it for now.  Here’s a preview for next week… see if you can guess who they are before then.  Some are easy, but if you can get them all… I just might have to give you a prize ;).

attractive older women - part 2 preview

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2 Responses to Attractive Older Women Part 1

  1. Briggity Brak says:

    Tina Fey, [blank], Isla Fisher, Heather Graham, Famke Jansen, Marisa Miller

    Ok, trying to figure out the second one is just hurting my eyes, so i give up.


    • Mark says:

      4 out of 6 – impressive :). Trust me… I could barely look at the blur while designing it and putting it online, so I understand.


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