Bedtime Thoughts

mark mushakian thinking of idea in bed; not sexy... or maybe it's sexy, who knows

I spend the evening, yesterday, working on story with Nick at his new office… creative juices flowing, ideas being bounced back and forth.  It was a good and productive time.  I came home and enjoyed a nice episode of The Office before going to bed.  Normal day, really.  Of course, once I was in bed (with a mountain of covers on top of me because it’s darn cold), I was disrupted by something.  I was nestled in under the blankets, my eyes already getting drowsy and adjusted to the darkness… but I had to ruin all of that comfort because I had a thought.  An idea.  A movie idea.

And that happens all the darn time.

This ties in a great deal with my previous post on “ditching” the Internet for a month.  Most of my creative ideas have come to me in the shower, on the road driving, or as I lay in bed.  These are times when I am alone, without external distraction.. when my mind is free to explore.  In the calm that these situations provide, I am able to be still and let my thoughts wander.. and that is where they most often strike upon new and interesting ideas.  It’s that essence of “just being” that was really the thrust in my current Internet aversion.  Sure, I can still distract myself in other ways, but I’m hoping to adjust myself to a point where I can simply be at home, sitting in a room, focusing only on one thing, without scattering my attention the second a show goes to commercial, or after finishing a few lines of dialogue in a screenplay.

This is another reason my cell phone has been invaluable to me.  No matter where I am, in bed late at night or out and about, I can use it to make a quick note that is available online whenever I look for it – ensuring that the idea is not lost or forgotten.

So, how about you?  Am I alone in this solitude-inspired creativity?  Do you find ideas, more often than not, in the quiet and calm times of your day, or is there something else that spurs your imagination?  Even if you’re not an artistic person, we all have ideas, and I think it’d be interesting to hear from whoever reads this lil’ blog o’mine :).


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Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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