Multi-Month Recap

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The last non-redesign post I made here was back in June – so we have some catching up to do :).  I can’t share with you all of the humorous posts that would have existed without my re-design absence, unless I find a car that hits 88 mph and then takes us back in time to create an alternate universe, but I can talk a little about some of the highlights of the life of Mark Mushakian.  Because that’s just as exciting, isn’t it?  Isn’t it? 😦

It is! 🙂

So, the big bit of news is that I finally landed a job.  I mentioned it before, but after having been without one for 8 months – I’m happy to mention it again :).  I’m not making millions, or anything, but it’s a really easy-going job and I’m very happy to have it.  It’s physical labor, so it can be tiring, but it’s the perfect place for me at this moment – I can make some money, it’s part-time, everyone is really nice, and nobody cares if I don’t shave for a week.  As an actor, that’s pretty valuable ;).  Speaking of which…

Hollywood or Bust:
I’m still pursuing things, slowly but surely.  Right now I’m just seeking out anything, to build up my reel.  Even if it’s not stellar drama (such as a hospital patient in a college video for ESL nurses), it’s something… and just like working at Michael’s, I’m very happy to do it :).  I’ve also been writing again.  During the redesign, I took a break – but I have shorts that I’m writing, features… it’s a really creatively energized time for me right now.

That’s kind of how things have been lately, in general, though.  Just about everything is completely up in the air, for myself and most of my friends, and it’s just this strange/exciting time of potential and possibilities.  And, when I say everything… I mean pretty much everything – relationships, living situations, careers, dreams, everything.  Not all of these changes and times have been good, but there just seems to be an air of uncertainty that’s permeating everywhere… for better and worse.  For me, though.. it’s been for the better :).  Yeah, I still get lonely or worn-out at times, but I’ve been having a lot of fun.  I bought myself a Motorola Droid X, and that’s been a really interesting addition to my life.  It’s just strange to see everything tie together… I’m pursuing acting, so I set up a Google voice phone number, which I can use with the phone that I just bought, which I have because I finally landed a job.

It’s a wonderful cycle :).

Yeah, I’ve seen some movies (even with some of you reading this), I just haven’t had any reviews, so allow me now a very brief review-collective…

Twilight: Eclipse – Grade: F
Haha, I mean… I really don’t have to explain myself.  However, I felt this one was actually the best of the three so far.  It wasn’t good at all, but it almost seemed, at points, like someone was actually trying.  Nick completely disagreed, and thought it was the worst, but I stand by the fact that it was an improvement… if anything, just because it wasn’t as laughable as the others.  Or maybe we’re just used to it by now :).

Easy A – Grade: A-
I saw this movie because it seemed like it might be entertaining and Emma Stone is adorable.  I wasn’t expecting to become absolutely enthralled with the movie itself, though.  It played on two cliches that were slightly annoying only because they’re tired (the religious nutcases and a saintly gay guy), but I thought it was a beautiful movie with real and interesting characters.  And John Hughes almost made me teary :).

The Town – Grade: A
Fantastic from beginning to end.  I’ve heard some complaints, and disagree with them all, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find me with a negative thing to say about it at all.  I love you, Ben Affleck :).

The Social Network – Grade: A-
Yeah.. it was a pretty good time of  movie-watching for me :).  The story here is good, and pretty straightforward (absolutely loved the end), but what really captivated me was from a movie-making point of view.  I walked out wanting to make movies because of it.

The Walking Dead – Grade: A+
Not a movie, but it was actually the best thing I’ve seen.  Zombies aren’t something that really interests me, but when I heard that the man who did The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile was in charge.. my attention was piqued.  This is a TV series based on a comic series, and I could tell that the source material was good just from seeing the premiere.  There was not a single thing I would’ve wanted done differently in the show – I thought it was absolutely amazing.  I’m now two episodes in, and I love that I actually have shows on TV that I’m interested in again.  I now have 3 that I’m currently watching (this, Mad Men, and The Office), and it’s been a very long time since I’ve had that many series on my weekly viewing queue :).

A Wedding in Boston:
Joe Khurana is a married man.  I met the boy in high school, and we’ve been friends since… and it is very surreal to see him get married.  Yet, at the end of August, I did just that.  He and his wife, Laura, had an absolutely lovely wedding.. very low-key and fun.  The reception was a great time at the New England Aquarium, but the best part was… everything.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the whole weekend, wandering with Rupom, talking late with Joe, inhaling 50 packs of second-hand smoke on the treacherous balcony (okay, that wasn’t so great), getting to spend time with Laura more, meeting a slew of great people I’d only heard about before, standing on Joe’s side of the chapel with 6 other groomsmen while the lovely Pam stood on Laura’s side by herself… all of it was an absolutely unforgettable time.  I’m sure it would’ve been fun, anyway, but when one of your oldest friends is the groom, well – it’s just something a little different :).

Marcum Caldwell:
This might be a peculiar entry for most of you, but speaking of oldest friends, for some time I considered Joe my oldest current friend.. but there’s one guy I’ve known even longer.  Marcum and I became pals back in first grade and continued that on and off throughout the end of high school.  I hadn’t seen him or talked with him in about 5-6 years, but completely out of the blue, he showed up at a fellow friend’s house this September, and it was hilarious and great to see that some things just don’t ever change.  We can still crack each other up like nobody’s business.  As the mutual friend, James, said with a sigh that night, “Ah, Marcum and Mark giggling… I’ve missed that sound.”

After my phone, the second thing I bought after having an income again was  a Wii – for my family.  I walked in the door to find my parents sitting in the living room, credits of a movie rolling on the TV, and I said, “Hold on, I have something.”  I came back in and casually announced, “I bought us a Wii.”  They didn’t say anything intelligible for almost a minute ;).  My main intention in buying it was to give this family a reason to actually spend time together anymore, as we’re not exactly the closest bunch (myself being more distanced than anyone)… and it was rather successful in that regard.  It’s not a magical fix, but that on a holiday when everyone is off work, knowing that we can all just do something together is a really cool thing for me – because it’s been so long since we have.

Also, I went to Corgii Day.  Yep.  That’s all I really need to say about that for you to understand the greatness of it ;).

I know this is kind of a wall of text, though as I’m trying to get better at NOT doing that, I tried to space it out and be brief so that it’s a little more bearable :).  Pictures for most of what I’ve mentioned are already on Facebook, and my regular readers have more than likely already seen them, so I didn’t want to regurgitate them here.  If you’re not a friend, though, nothing on my Facebook profile is private… so, go find me and peruse :).

It’s been a very interesting few months, and I may have even missed some things (hard to believe with how much I’ve written, I know), but I’m back, and I shouldn’t miss enthralling you with every boring detail of my life again.  At least, until 4.0.

Hmmm…. 🙂


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2 Responses to Multi-Month Recap

  1. Briggity Brak says:

    dammit, mark. Are you REALLY gonna make me watch Walking Dead now?
    Also, whoever said "Marcum and Mark" is a fool. Obviously, it should be "Mark and Marcum"


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