Back To Work redesign messy progress

…in more ways than one ;).

First, I am finally employed, again.  It’s very part-time, and is a seasonal position (now until January), but I’m very, very happy to have it.  As to the where?  Well, if anyone wants a 25% off discount from Michael’s.. you let me know :).

Second, I’m done with other projects.  I had another website I was working on for a guy who was going to pay me to do it (very beneficial before I’d found a job), so that took priority.  Then I had to work on a slideshow for my oldest friend’s wedding coming up, so I’m JUST now returning to my site redesign.  That’s why it’s been so quiet here… I’m really trying to focus any extra energy on that, so I can have it done as soon as possible.  So, what am I doing here?  Just wanted to say, “Hi” :).

Landing this job, and with other things going on in life right now, has made me very happy – in a way I haven’t been for quite a long time.  I’ll talk more about all of this later (as I said, I’m trying to hold back on posts until launching the new site, so I’ll probably have a big recap of the last month when I do), but things are looking up in really great ways (for me AND friends) – and it’s darn exciting :).

Oh, and if you’re wondering what that top image is?  That’s the current state of my new re-design.  So, no… don’t hold your breath for it to be finished for a little while longer ;).


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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2 Responses to Back To Work

  1. I guess were cousins or something eh? Anyways, saw your stuff on You Tube, very funny, lol. It is really scaring me how much our sense of humor is the same, lol. Glad to hear life is going good for you and God Bless.



    • Mark Mushakian says:

      I'm glad you enjoyed them.. once my site re-design is done, I'm going to have more regular content like that.


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