Iron Man 2

Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man 2 doughnut

Iron Man 2
Time/place: 6:30 showing at Aliso Viejo 20 on Friday with James, Katy, Jessica, Jim, Edna (who waited in line for seats, what a mom), Robby, Isiah, Danny, Charly, and a bloke whose name I’ve forgotten (sorry)

First, holy MOLY, what did I do… take a poll of every audience member’s name in my row?  Nope.. I actually went with all of these people as part of James’ birthday party bonanza.  It was a great day, with the highlight being seeing two little kids (and two of their grandparents, at varying points) play Rock Band 2.  I’m here to talk about a movie, though :).

I won’t spend much time here, because I’m tired and I actually don’t have much to say about it.  To start with, I didn’t like Iron Man.  I know, I know.  I loved watching Robert Downey Jr., and I certainly appreciated the extensive use of practical effects, but the leaps in logic and reason turned me off right from the beginning.  Just like how the only thing I enjoy about Superman: The Movie is Christopher Reeve and it’s theme (again, I know, I know), beyond an interesting lead actor, I simply didn’t really like anything about Iron Man.

The same problem plagues Iron Man 2.

This sequel, though, I at least found more entertaining.  I enjoyed the idea of what Downey’s Tony Stark was going through (as little as there was to it), but the most fun angle of the movie’s story was just seeing the universe expanding.  Marvel has been really layering in the connections of their recent movies, and this time it was more involved than just a hint or an after-credit scene – and I enjoyed that.  The highlight of the movie, though, is the same as the first one – the actors.  Everyone seems to having fun with their characters, and even in the midst of a movie I don’t like, I can always enjoy that (Michael Sheen in Twilight: New Moon).  I’m nearly certain that every line and joke that made me smile was an ad-lib by the actors, and that was a big part of why I can at least say it was entertaining.  Not that I thought the movie was good, though ;).

Iron Man 2 is what Iron Man was, and I’ve been surprised to see people prefer the first one over the sequel.  They both are extremely similar in my mind, though I think this one was much more enjoyable.  But, hey, I’m different :).

Gwyneth Paltrow Pepper Potts Iron Man 2

Grade: C (only because I had fun some fun with the actors, otherwise it’d drop immediately)


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