Baja California 7.2 earthquake before damage

Do you notice anything wrong with that picture above?  Anything horribly, horribly wrong?  Well, you shouldn’t… because this is the BEFORE picture (actually, it’s the after, but it’s what it would have looked like before the earthquake hit, and what kind of insane person constantly takes random pictures of their possessions in case an earthquake hits and they have to then write a blog post on the damages using before and after pictures?  The same kind of person who writes massive amounts of text within parenthesis, that’s who… nut-wackos.)

As most all of us in southern California know, today we had an earthquake.  Well, it was technically Mexico, but the thing about earthquakes is that countries in close proximity to each other have no problem sharing the resource of ground shaking with one another.  How progressive!

So, a 7.2 hit Baja California at around 3:20 today, and the shake lasted for almost a minute.  I was outside at the time, and as was apparently the common consensus according to my thorough research (Facebook status updates), at first I just thought I was getting dizzy.  I’d been in the sun for a while, earlier, and I’m a continual medical mystery anyway, so I thought my equilibrium had just decided to shift me out of my chair as I sat in a friend’s backyard.  I quickly realized, as did those around me who were thinking the same thoughts of dizziness, that this was just a "rolling" earthquake… and, though it was long-lasting, this isn’t the kind of quake that does much damage.

But then I returned home.

After a brief chat with my dad about the traumatically easy-going earthquake we just had to endure, I adjourned to my room only to find – DISASTER!

Baja California 7.2 earthquake damage knocked down king kong

ZOMG!  LOOK at it all!!  Oh the humanity… the horrible, horrible humanity.

(Note: For added fun, play along like this is a Highlight’s magazine, and try to discover everything that’s different between the two pictures!  Share your discoveries in the comments.  The prize… is knowledge.)


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Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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  1. Briggity Brak says:

    i just like how similar this is to the final scene of King Kong.


  2. Mark says:

    … and for that, you get extra points 😉


  3. danny says:

    i have looked at this a number of times and am still entertained by it. 😀

    and how many kleenex boxes are in this picture???


  4. Mark says:

    Haha, a grand total of: zero. Gotha?


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