Let’s Play It Again, Sam

Jack Nicholson all work and no play happy

Well, I made my goal!  …barely.

I’ve been meaning to start working on at least one of my various open screenplays for weeks (as it was my intended project of the past month), but I haven’t.  I was hit by allergies, I was distracted by God of War III, but more than that… I just had a hard time getting back into the groove of writing.  Like a machine, once the gears have been sitting idle for a while, they take a proportionate amount of time to warm up and get the grease moving through again.  On Tuesday morning, though, I opened up my laptop and though I found every distraction in the world, I didn’t want to give up until I had written something.  I was successful :).  At first it was clunky, but then the gears started to move again, and the ideas came flowing.  So, while it wasn’t a full month of screenwriting, for the past two days I’ve finally made good on my intended project.  For this reason, I’d like to keep it going for April, as well.

Another thing I’m working on, is a bit more personal and broad – but I’m trying to be faster.  I take a long time doing things, and it’s usually because I spend so much time in my head.  Granted, that’s how I come up with creative ideas, so I’m not bashing the process completely, but I can even spend an entire day cleaning my room, and have little to show for by the end of the day, simply because my busy mind takes me elsewhere too often to be productive.  I’ve started this by focusing on my blog.  When I have an idea, I’m going to come in and write it… and I’m going to do it quickly.  Part of the reason I tend to not write about daily, general-life things is because it takes me too long to write an entry.  If I can maintain this focus, and learn to move quicker (which, as I said, basically means less day-dreaming), I’m really hoping that I can somewhat transform this blog a little: from more grand or purposed "articles" to include more everyday things.  So, let’s consider that a side-project for this month ;).


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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