Strawberry Jam

Smucker's strawberry jam packet

Strawberry Jam
Time/place: Thursday, 8pm eating at Denny’s on Pico w/Korkie

My apologies on this late review, and for the lack of content around here, in general.  I should have had this review up much sooner, but I’m human.. I go through my "special" times, too ;).  More about that during the next Monthly Project update in a couple of days, though.  For now, the task at hand.

I wasn’t planning on it, but this past Thursday evening I went to dinner with Korkie (finally in her own set of wheels.. give her a hand, ladies and gentlemen).  I ordered a Slam of my own concoction: scrambled eggs, grapes (the fruit of the day), bacon, and slices of wheat toast.  For the toast, our delightful waiter brought me a tray of jams and jellies.  I looked at them with a curious furrow in my brow, and I said, "You know what, KB, I’m going to try some strawberry jam."  And I did.

I can never really recall having jam before, so I figured I’d give it a whirl.  Upon opening the little plastic container, I commented, "It smells just like a fruit roll-up!"  I placed a small dollop on my toast and took a bite.  It was… okay.  I didn’t fall in love, but it was far from horrifying.  I’d revisit it again some day, but I’m really eager to do so.  I didn’t take anymore.

Overall, I’d say strawberry jam is kind of good.  It smells just like the fruit roll-ups that used to fill my school lunches on a daily basis, but beyond that bit of nostalgia, there really wasn’t too much draw for me.  You might like it, though, so give it a whirl.

Grade: C

(and now, yes, I can say that I really DO review everything ;))


There really aren’t any spoilers, I mean… I’m talking about strawberry JAM, here, what do you expect me to spoil??

Haha, sorry – I’ll not use this area purely for jokes ever again.  Have a lovely day :).


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