Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Taylor Swift and Jennifer Garner

Valentine’s Day
Time/place: 1:40 showing at Ocean Ranch 7 (w/Tex) with Korkie

This is a tough one.  I wasn’t planning on ever seeing this movie, and yet a last-minute change of decision (good idea, KB) placed us in the theater playing Valentine’s Day today.  It was pretty much what I expected to get, so this is going to be a short one, too ;).

I’ll start with some obvious dislikes.  It was schmaltzy, as one would expect, but it didn’t take itself too seriously, either… so that part wasn’t so bad.  Like many a movie made today, it didn’t have much interest in feeling real, though.  The set design and lighting, beyond whatever story elements furthered the idea, all felt very Hollywood-ized.  I didn’t look at these homes or other locations and believe they were real – they were simply sets in which the stars could entertain us.  Not too big a deal.  The bigger annoyance came with the story, itself.  No, this is nowhere near the caliber of something like Love Actually, but I don’t think it was supposed to be.  At least, I sure HOPE it wasn’t supposed to be.  Julia Roberts’ story ended up being very sweet, and there were some other nice things in the movie (storywise), but in the end a couple of the relationships focused on the idea of “love being all you need” in a romantic setting.  It’s that notion in which a character looks beyond other issues, lies, or whatever else – because they’re in looooove.  Sweet… perhaps for high schoolers, but if that’s how romantic relationships are supposed to be, we’re all screwed.

Surprisingly, though, I didn’t find this movie horrible.  It wasn’t great, but… it wasn’t so bad.  I love Hector Elizondo.  I love him in the same way I love Bob Newhart – understated and hilarious.  I laughed a couple of times, and, of course, there were beautiful and adorable gals to look at, too.  We were blessed with the perfect audience, too.  There were a few guys next to me who laughed like idiots, but were fun.  A couple of girls behind us, obviously younger, “Aww-ed” and joked throughout, and overall.. the audience provided almost as many laughs as the movie did.

Valentine’s Day is most likely what you’d expect it to be: simple, somewhat forgettable, cutesy, and overly-sweet at times… but, at other times, it was somewhat enjoyable.  Of course, as always, the right company makes any movie better.  Even if that leads a wonderful old man to think two friends are dating ;).

Valentine's Day Anne Hathaway

Grade: C-


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2 Responses to Valentine’s Day

  1. Korkie says:

    A c- I am dissapointed. I laughed like a loon on loon tablets!


  2. Mark says:

    Haha, sorry… though, yes, you did laugh like a drug infused loon.

    If I had thought you'd ever stop by my site, I would have done for this what I did for my G.I. Joe review:

    Grade: C-
    Grade, adjusted for how much fun I had with who I saw it with: A+

    But, then again… that's more a grade on the time had, than the movie 😉


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