Audie Darling – "Full Of Ghosts"

Audie Darling Full Of Ghosts album cover

I don’t quite recall how I came across this gal, Audie Darling, but it’s been a slight while.  I ordered and received her CD at least 7 months ago, if not more, and I meant to do a review on it – but music isn’t really my forte.  I can tell you anything and everything about a movie regarding performances, script, and production, but I’m not quite as knowledgeable when it comes to songs.  My music reviews would be little more than “Dur, this one is good sound in my ears, make feet move happy!”

However, through her MySpace profile, Ms. Darling just mentioned that her album, Full Of Ghosts, is now available in MP3 form through Amazon.  As of this writing, it’s only $6.99 for the whole thing, which is quite a deal.  I absolutely love her voice, and the album is a fantastic piece for listening to on a rainy/snowy day indoors – which means it’s the perfect time to grab it ;).  Take a listen, either to the full songs on MySpace or sample the whole album on Amazon, and if you like what you hear, make the purchase and tell some friends.  Always good to support burgeoning artists, it is :).

Audie Darling:
Amazon MP3Full Of Ghosts


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