Theater Catch-Up

Alright, so here is a wrap-up of the movies I saw this summer that I didn’t mention here… in a very condensed version :).

Julie & Julia – Grade: B+
It was charming and lovely.  Amy Adams and Meryl Streep were wonderful to watch, and the portrayal of their two different marriages was great.  I will say, though, that as great as it was, I was slightly underwhelmed.  It may have had to do with the ending, but it was still a grand little picture.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra – Grade: F/A+
I got what I expected.  It’s cheesy, stupid, and crap blows up.  Why the conflicting grades, then?  Well, beyond the fact that Sienna Miller looked amazing and the actor playing “The Doctor” had fun with the character, I had a blast watching this movie.  I was between Korkie and Nick in the theater, and I don’t know if I’ve ever had a better time mocking and laughing through a movie.  So, that A belongs to them, I suppose.  Good job, folks.

The Ugly Truth – Grade: D
It wasn’t horrible.  It wasn’t good.  Again, the company I saw it with made it better (inhaled squeals, which are an attempt to hide excitement over the image of sexy shirtless man on-screen, are my favorite), but still – nothing about it was very memorable.

Funny People – Grade: F
I can’t give a lower grade, and this is a time I’d like to.  Its aimless, NONE of the characters are likable, a point doesn’t really seem to exist, and on top of all of that – it’s just bad.  A few “dramatic” scenes are laughable, and that fault lays completely on the writer/director.  I’m pretty convinced he’ll never even come CLOSE to “Freaks and Geeks” again.

District 9 – Grade: D
The.  Main.  Character.  Was.  A.  Prick.  That about sums it up for me.  I didn’t care about him at all, and had that been different, the movie would have been so much better.  The main alien was an amazing character.  The intercutting between narrative and in-camera angles annoyed me, but the aliens looked amazing so that would have cancelled out had I cared even an ounce about the lead human.  Very disappointing to see an opportunity wasted like that.

As you can see… this wasn’t exactly a stellar collection of viewings, so I wasn’t too concerned with my not writing about them immediately, but there ya go anyway.


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Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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