(500) Days of Summer

500 days of summer zooey and joseph in bed

(500) Days of Summer
Time/place: 10am showing at AMC La Jolla 12

I’m slightly hesitant to put this review up.  Why?  Well, those amongst you who pride themselves as perceptive folks will notice that I saw this movie at a theater in La Jolla.  That’s about an hour’s drive south of where I live.  I had to do it, though.  Sure, it wasn’t playing anywhere local (San Diego and LA are it for now), but that didn’t matter.  I’d been looking forward to this movie more and more as the opening date approached.  So, this morning I took off on a venture down to San Diego hoping that the movie at the end of the rainbow would be worth it.  Happily, it was everything I wanted it to be :-).

This’ll be one of those “short because I love it” reviews.  As the narrator (who is the same voice you hear in the trailer) states in the beginning of the movie (ALSO the line from the trailer), this is not a love story.  I had ideas of what I thought might be instead – and I’m so glad that I was right… but that doesn’t mean I’m going to tell you ;-).  For me it all worked because I’ve been there.  I’m out on the other side, and looking back (based both on my experiences and those of others) made the movie more enjoyable.  I wasn’t necessarily lamenting along with the main character, I was able to look and see what he would learn from certain situations.  The whole thing was fantastic, though.

The movie was very personal, too.  It obviously was influenced by the writers’ lives , but it was also personal in the creative ways which we were thrown into the main character’s perception of the relationship.  There were some extremely clever ideas implemented that made me smile at their ingenuity and the truths they told.  There were some hilarious moments, one that made me laugh out loud – hard.  There were some beautiful and touching moments, a couple of which gave me that teary-eyed smile I get.  Finally, there was a moment of such great magical joy that I felt like dancing through the aisles.  All of this wraps up into a fantastic little movie that says a lot about a certain period of life.  It’s that time right before everything clicks inside your head.  It’s a movie about learning and making mistakes in the midst of love.  It’s a movie about growing up, really… and you know how much I love that.

(500) Days of Summer is about 500 days of love, hate, pain, joy, fear, uncertainty, forgiveness, acceptance, etc..  You know… life.

500 days of summer zooey and joseph in bar

Grade: A


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