Away We Go

John Krasinski Away We Go

Away We Go
Time/place: 7:40pm showing last night at University 6 (w/Kellie)

I was quite looking forward to this one.  Sam Mendes directing a quirky, lovely comedy about a young couple travelling in an attempt to find themselves?  That’s called a potential heart-attack-of-amazingness-on-film for Mark Mushakian.  However, as has happened a few times this summer, the movie wasn’t quite what I expected out of it… but this time, it wasn’t for the better.

John Krasinski’s picture is up there for a reason: he is what I loved most about this movie.  His character was charming and adorable, and Sam Mendes was right to feel that Krasinski was "the only one who could do it."  His character, Burt, was so endearing and entertaining throughout, that had his character taken any strong turns into unwelcome territory, it probably would have dropped my review letter down to a potentially failing grade.

The opening scene was a little kinky/awkward (sorry, Korkie), but it’s played for laughs.  There were only a few moments that weren’t, really, and even then a few of the folks in my theater didn’t pick up on the fact that we were now in a more serious moment.  Yes, it’s a Sam Mendes directed comedy, in every way.  My hesitations with the movie have nothing to do with the actors or the director, it was just the story.  It was good, and had some great things to say, but nothing about it "grabbed" me.  What it did do, however, was capture people perfectly.  As I watched the movie play out on the large screen, I could point to nearly every character and see in them someone I’ve known or come across.  I even leaned over to my viewing partner after one of the scenes and said, "I know ladies exactly like that," to which she nodded with a "yup."

One of my favorite things Sam Mendes did was a cute little idea that plays out during the movie with titles.  It really set me up for a wonderful, feel-good, I’m gonna love this movie feeling – but the story just didn’t lift itself up to that point for me.  It was never bad, and at times it was really good, but I’m a little sad to say that it wasn’t great.  The company I saw the movie with, though, more than made up for this… but I’m sorry to say that you probably won’t be privy to such an honor :-).

Grade: B


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