Sam Rockwell Moon movie

Time/place: 11:40 showing at University 6 on Saturday

When I first heard about this movie, a one-man show about a guy alone in space starring Sam Rockwell, I grinned hard.  When I saw the trailer, that grin erupted into a huge smile.  This sounded EXACTLY like my kind of movie: a singular and amazing performance, the stillness of space, a beautiful but mysterious concept, and a potential slow pacing of the story.  After I left the theater yesterday, however, these ideas (along with my previous smiles of anticipation) were shattered.  What replaced them wasn’t disappointment, though.  Moon wasn’t exactly what I was expecting – it was a heck of a lot better!

As the movie started, I got a glimpse that this movie might have some sort of alternative message to drive home to the audience.  It doesn’t.  As the movie went on, I thought it might be trying to focus on some deeply psychological facets about humanity.  Not really.  What makes this movie just so darned awesome was that it was JUST a movie!  Moon reminds me, in a very odd comparison, to Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.  It’s not the same type of jaunty adventure movie, but it is extremely fun and engaging.  When I saw The Dark Knight, I was enraptured… but there was weight to it.  Although Moon is a dramatic story, and at times deals with wonderful commentary on human reactions, it never feels heavy.  That’s sort of what I was expecting, and why I love the movie so much for surprising me and giving me something fresh.  Some of the best movies are the best movies, in great deal, because they give the audience what we never knew we wanted.  Moon is simply a really fun sci-fi movie.  That’s it.  I’m not a huge sci-fi fella, but the elements that make a good science fiction movie are all present here.  People can draw as many comparisons to

[Unfortunately, the rest of this post was lost due to a database error. I have no clue what happened, but let’s just say.. I really loved this movie.]

moon movie still

Grade: A+


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