Haha? No, Shut Up

What bitter Mushakian irony is this:  I’ve been physically exhausted for weeks from allergies, but tonight I was laying in bed unable to sleep.  I’m tired, but not sleepy – a horribly annoying status.  As I lay there I thought of something, and since I have nothing else to do right now at 12:31AM (like sleep), I’ll regale you with my wonderful thoughts.

I was just thinking about people’s varying times of enjoyment on a joke.  You’ll see it most often with parents and their kids, though it happens between two adults, as well.  Perhaps the kid says/does something silly that cracks the parent up.  They both share a great laugh about it, and the kid continues since the parent’s reaction is so rewarding.  However, usually the parent will tire of the “joke” much sooner than the child.  You’ll notice a slow decline in the adult’s reactions:

“Okay, yeah.. that’s good.”

“Okay, that’s enough now… settle down.”

“Come on, that’s enough now, I mean it.”

“Dang it, Billy, I am going to beat you and sell you into the circus if you don’t stop it RIGHT NOW!”

Perhaps not all parents threaten circus-slavery (and is that really a punishment, anyways?), but the problem is that poor kid’s “excited” button has been pushed, and it takes a lot longer for kid excitement to die down than an adult’s.  So, remember folks… patience.  That’s why it takes a certain kind of person to work with kids.  An understanding of this concept is one of the most key factors, and many adults seem to have forgotten it.

What about if you’re dealing with a friend, though?  Someone your own age?  Two adults.  What happens when your pal is still thoroughly enjoying a joke, but you’ve moved on and it’s no longer entertaining you?  What if this pal is continuing a joke while you are both watching a movie, and you are trying to just pay attention now?

Well, if you’re me, you can just say, “Shut up… I’m busy.”  They’ll get the hint, and if they don’t?  There’s always the circus.

Do you hear me, Nick?  The circus!!

*This entry brought to you by: Very Tired Inc. in association with 12:42 AM and the I’ve Been Doing Data Entry All Night Foundation.


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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2 Responses to Haha? No, Shut Up

  1. Nick Reiber says:

    About half way through I realized this entry was about me. How is it you can make a n entry that is both flattering and insulting at the same time? haha


  2. Mark says:

    First, I am a very talented man.
    Second, it actually wasn't about you to begin with, but once I started writing I realized you connected well throughout the entry, so I made it happen.
    Third, that's just what happens when I'm writing half-asleep with one eye open.
    Fourth, here's to hoping for "good things" for both of us 🙂


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