Releases for 6.2.09

The ones to see:
He’s Just Not That Into You

The ones to avoid:
Revolutionary Road
Che: Part One
Che: Part Two

More detailed reviews below.

Previously reviewed HERE.

He’s Just Not That Into You
I’d heard a girl complain that this movie portrays women as vapid, idiotic, fools, but I think this girl missed something – that was the point!  This movie does take a look at some of the silly things that women do in relationships, and admonishes them for such silliness, but it’s much more than that… it’s about the relationships themselves, from both sides.  Personally, I think that girl who gave the passionately poor review took something personal into the movie, because whatever complaints she had about the female characters, there were guys in the movie who did the same thing.  I really liked this picture, and though at times it felt slow, I was still invested in most of the characters.  The reactions were real, and it is most certainly a drama with comedic elements than the other way around.  Plus, Ginnifer Goodwin is just freakin’ adorable :-).

Revolutionary Road
I love Sam Mendes, and I will watch anything he makes.  I love Leonardo DiCaprio, he’s fantastic.  I love Kate Winslet, but gosh darn it I wish she would play more likable characters!  I understand she wants to play “strong” women, but that doesn’t mean they all have to be unlikable.  The only real fault with this movie was her character.  Neither of the two leads are saints, but by the end her neuroticism and immaturity became so grating that I found it near impossible not to feel completely bad for DiCaprio’s character – even if he had his own problems.  Not all characters have to be loving and sweet and cuddly, but she very quickly becomes the villain of the picture… and I don’t think she was supposed to be.  Everyone in the movie is extremely talented, and I love you Sam Mendes, but the lead female character just killed it all for me.

I’m going to do this as one – because that’s pretty much what they are.  One long (2 hours each = 4 hours total) movie about Che Guevara from his first meeting of Fidel Castro through the time of his death.  Sound interesting?  Yeah, I thought so too.  It seems we are both very incorrect.  The movies are slow and incoherent.  It plays more like a documentary crew following Che throughout his time in the jungles… and that’s pretty much where the entirety of both movies take place.  There were a few moments where we get some good ideas of his character, but for the most part it’s really, very bland.  Nothing happens, I didn’t get to know anyone or care about anyone, and during the second one I was online doing other things within the first 10 minutes.  The movies play out very confusingly, as well.  The characters are doing things and talking about situations as if the audience has a deep prior knowledge of the historical events the movie is portraying.  Too bad, really… I would have loved to have seen Benecio’s Che in a more interesting and compelling picture.


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