Bernadette Peters

As promised in my previous post, I’d like to take a moment to remind you of a fantastic gal – Bernadette Peters.  More specifically, Bernadette Peters in The Jerk.  This is an odd case where it’s more about the gal in this one movie than anything else – because this is where I first met her.

Bernadette Peters top hat

I grew up watching The Jerk, and the lovely Ms. Peters was certainly
an early crush (hmm… gives me an idea for my next Lovely Ladies entry).  I already
mentioned how endearing her character is to me, so really I just want to share some pictures of a great looking woman ;-).  However, before that, I would like to point out that a huge amount of her appeal isn’t just her physical appearance, but rather that she is brimming with talent.

Bernadette Peters is more commonly known as a theater gal, but she does just as well on camera.  Singing, dancing, whatever… she’s the consummate performer.  Talent is extremely sexy, but it is only improved by the fact that she is willing to star in these off-the-wall comedies (she’s also worked with Mel Brooks… if THAT is any indication), and not only is she willing – but she’s fantastic.  Some of her line deliveries get me every time, not just because of the scripted dialogue, but really just because of how she says it.

Bernadette Peters throwing knives

On top of all of this, she looks great, too!  She has a very cute, Betty Boop-ish quality about her: the fair skin, big mess of curly hair, small mouth, huge eyes, an adorable voice, etc..  She looks like someone from the Gibson girl era.  Of course, she’s also just really hot…

Bernadette Peters top hat

Bernadette Peters top hat

Bernadette Peters top hat

… and any woman who loves muppets is A-OK with me ;-)!

Bernadette Peters kissing muppet


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  1. johnneries says:

    Thanks! Agreed on all the above!


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