Up love story

Time/place: 4:30 showing at Ocean Ranch 7

See it.  That’s all.  See it.

Okay, that’s not all… but that’s about it.  Up is a completely charming, smart, fun, beautiful little adventure tale.  It’s a love story about life and all of its ups and downs, no pun intended.  It is about letting go.  Much more than any of its Pixar predecessors, Up is filled with more symbolism than I’m sure even I caught the first time around.  It is possibly going to be my favorite movie of the year (just like last year pulled off with WALL-E), and so I say again… see it!

The preceding short is my favorite Pixar has done yet – heck, I got teary eyed just during THAT.  Then the movie started, and the water-works were barely restrained as the opening scenes and following montage portray more storytelling wonder than some other movies have in their whole body.  With WALL-E, I mostly knew what I was getting into.  Up, however, surprised me with an adult depth that surpasses any of Pixar’s other works.  I’ll say it a million times, but anyone who looks to Pixar creations as “kid” movies should be shot and put out of their misery for such ignorance.  Especially with their last three Ratatouille, WALL-E, and now Up, Pixar has continued to push themselves further and further away from the simplicity of making “kid” movies, and into a realm that has become so much more fascinating.  I walked out of the theater at the end, not only very moist-eyed (if I’d been alone, I probably would have bawled like a retarded baby), but with a huge skip in my step, too.  Pixar has a history of creating movies that are good, wonderful entertainment for people of all ages, and they have done nothing to change that path this time.  Just like with my experience watching WALL-E, the previews before the feature for inane, mind-numbing family movies only showed all the more just how much they pale in comparison.

Up.  See it.  That’s all.  See it.

Grade: A+


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