The Revolution: A Manifesto

The Revolution a Manifesto Ron Paul book

The Revolution: A Manifesto by Ron Paul

I have been, over the entirety of my life, a fella with a mind-set for revolution.  I’m not necessarily rebellious for the sake of rebellion, but there is something inside of me that reacts very strongly to the ideas of fighting a repressive system for a general cause.  I get fired up :-).  When I finally sat down and watched the “John Adams” mini-series, the first two episodes were my favorite – after that, the American Revolution had ended, and it became about John Adams’ life afterward.  It was still decent, but the passion of the fight for freedom had dissipated.  I’ve never been interested in politics, or even voting, because the big wheels of the system are too uneven and corroded to properly invest my interest.  John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama (and the rest) all pandered to the audience they were aiming for.  They played politics, as politicians do, and it is a completely uninteresting game to me, because nothing ever truly changes in the interest of the people.

One night, as the election was nearing a close, I caught a link on YouTube from a politician who was saying things that actually made sense to me.  I pursued this further, and every time I found a new clip of the guy, he was saying something smart.  He wasn’t giving great speeches or making grand promises, but rather the opposite, he was saying things that are true but often unpopular.  I’d heard about him, but for the first time I was actually hearing what he had to say, and I found it enlightening.  His name is Ron Paul, and he helped reignite my passion for change in an arena I’d long ago given up on – government.  While this is a term Obama used in speaking to the masses, his “change” is not what America needs… because it really isn’t much change at all.  In fact, the more socialistic the country becomes, the more I feel the need for a REAL change.  I’ve often said that the only way I see our country returning to what it should be, is through another American revolution – this time, an internal one of the people versus an oppressive government.  We’re not there yet, but I definitely see the potential down the line.  I’m an extreme man, indeed, but that is how I was built – and at times, extreme action is necessary.

A short while ago I finally checked out Ron Paul’s book, and in it he speaks of extreme actions that would return the country to its people not through a physical revolution, but through a political one.  I say, let the revolution begin…

So, with the lengthy (but necessary, as to explain where I come from politically) introduction out of the way, on to the actual review.  Regardless of what you believe of Ron Paul’s ideas, the way they are presented in this book is top-notch.  The book doesn’t drag through mountains of data, but it does not ignore important information.  For someone very well-read on the subjects of politics and economics, this may not be the most challenging book, but that is not its intention.  It is a manifesto, a way for Ron Paul to express his revolutionary ideas in a complete form… and his ideas ARE revolutionary.  Why the constant use of that word, “revolution” and its variants?  It is more than change, that’s why.  Change can move forwards, yes, but it can also move sideways or even backwards.  Revolution is a radical difference in direction.  Even if it returns to what once was, it is in reference to a strong alteration of the present course.  Thus, Ron Paul’s ideas, though he has been spouting them for many more years than I’ve even heard of him, are revolutionary – even if nobody follows suit.

As with all intelligent inspection of information, Ron Paul constantly encourages the reader to verify his information – to follow up on what he’s said by doing our own research.  He believes what he believes, and he has his valid reasons, yet while he wishes us to believe them, too, he also hopes that we will not blindly follow but take up our own initiative to find the truth.  When is the last time you heard a politician say that?  I am not saying that Ron Paul is America’s savior – maybe he wouldn’t be, but his ideas certainly do appear sound to me, and I’d like to see what he could do if given the chance.  Alas, though his presidential campaign was record-breaking in some regards, he is possibly too truthful and honest to ever proceed into the White House.  Politics isn’t necessarily about truth, it is about making yourself look right for the position, and poor ol’ Ron Paul is just too darn honest to make it in that kind of game.

I loved the read, and I encourage anyone unfamiliar with his thoughts to pick it up.  Go to the library and check it out – they actually GIVE you books to read for FREE there!  The book seems to hope for nothing more than to stir up the people of this country into demanding more (or less, depending how you wish to read this sentence) from their government.  On a personal note, in the last chapter of the book, Ron Paul mentions public education and its problems – even hinting that we just might be better off eliminating it all together!  Haha, I just about died because the eradication of public education (from a Federal level) is something I firmly believe in.  I even wrote a paper about it, so when I read that section I quietly said, “Oh Ron Paul, I love you.”

The only slight hesitation with The Revolution: A Manifesto is that it left me wondering, “Okay… now what can I do?”  It presents a number of ideas that I agree with (everything, really), yet these are not decisions I can make.  I can’t personally change the laws and policies of this country, that is the job of elected government officials, so my only course of action is to vote for who I believe will represent my ideas well – but how many politicians can I count on for that?  Regardless, though, what I can do is spread the word.  If you agree with what I have to say about public education – share it with friends.  Even if you disagree, let’s discuss it in a non-personal manner.  My hope is to bring the debate to a wider audience – because how many people would even CONSIDER the idea of not having public schools, even though that is how America worked for a very long time.  Just as with my personal interest on the issues of public education, Ron Paul wants nothing more than to present his ideas to the American public and let them ruminate over them and (Heaven forbid!) even publicly debate them.

Ron Paul’s message in The Revolution: A Manifesto is the freedom not only of American’s civil liberties, but also of the ability to discuss ideas in a fair and open forum – even when politicians and the general media ignore such a thing.  That the American people are smart and capable of having such a freedom is what the revolution is truly about… and I hope to share that with everyone I know.

Grade: A-


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