Releases for 5.26.09

I didn’t actually see any of the movies coming out this week, even though I rented them.  I guess I’m just too busy a guy ;-).  I’m in the midst of searching for a full-time job, and I’ve realized that when I’m working (hopefully) 40 hours a week, I won’t have as much time to rent as many movies.

But, anyways, since there are no new release recommendations today, I wanted to at least do something.  So, here are two great movies that I often tell customers about but that came out before I started doing my weekly reviews.

Sweet Land
A great little independent love story set in 1920’s America between a German woman who speaks no English (to begin with) and a young man who lives in an unaccommodating Norwegian community.  Doesn’t quite sound like your average tale, does it?  Everything about the characters feels real, though, and it is both charming and hilarious.  This is one to tug at the heartstrings a little more than the movie below.  It also stars the alarmingly charming and beautiful Elizabeth Reaser.

Elizabeth Reaser

The Valet
This came out around the time I first went back to Blockbuster, but I still happily recommend it.  This is more of a comedy than Sweet Land, but it is still just as sweet.  I’m a hard sell on comedy, but this movie made me laugh out loud a few times.  The romance almost feels like a Tramp movie by Charlie Chaplin… only, of course, this one’s a “talkie” ;-).  This is one to have a little more fun with than the movie above.  Also, it stars possibly one of the most amazing looking women I’ve ever seen on film – Alice Taglioni.

Alice Taglioni from The Valet

As always, if you see any of these movies, let me know – even if it’s to disagree with me 😉


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Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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2 Responses to Releases for 5.26.09

  1. England Bree says:

    I love Sweetland! The writer/director, Ali Selim, is from Minnesota and came to my tiny college town to screen the film and talk about it. One of my film professors contacted him and he ended up coming in teaching a few classes and then last fall taught a full semester of Screenwriting at my college but sadly I was in England and couldn't take it 😦 Anyhoot, I've loved the film ever since the screening and I'm glad you're spreading the word about its beauty 🙂


  2. Mark says:

    Nice! I do what I can, England… I do what I can 🙂


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