A Grand Semester

I’ve been going to college off and on since 2000 – nearly 10 years. In all of my time there, I have never quite had an experience like I did this last semester.  I’ve never had a class wherein the camaraderie was this strong between all of the students – and this semester I had TWO classes in which the last day of class was nearly tear-inducing for some of the folks in it.  The hilarious thing, is that if I had followed through with either of my recent plans to transfer to a university (UCI or Chapman), and if I hadn’t had my beard for Get Back, than I wouldn’t have been in either of these classes.

First, was Scriptwriting on Wednesday mornings.  I’ve had the teacher before in another class, and I was glad to see her teaching this one – I like her.  Julie Brady-Jenner… good teacher and a nice lady.  A nice teacher is pretty valuable in creating these kind of class environments, and her comfortability with the class is the real jumpstart to it all.  Scriptwriting could have been a very serious and dormant classroom, but with the variety of interesting (and often verbose) folks we had in there, it was quite a blast.  By the end of the semester, the class actually had a number of its own in-jokes, something you’d normally imagine occurring between a group of friends. That’s what the class became, though, a small group of friends.

Second was Acting on Saturday mornings, and this class was even closer than Scriptwriting by the end.  That doesn’t surprise me, though, because acting is obviously a much more involving subject and naturally more intimate.  I have taken this class before, however, and while the first time was fun and the folks in the class did bond, it was nothing compared to this. Heck, there were four other students living in the same city I do, three of whom were within a few minutes of my house, and one who lived in my same neighborhood one street away.  Consider that symbolism for the closeness of the class ;-).

It isn’t that things like this never happen, it was just very crazy for me to find two of my classes in one semester have such a strong connection between the students.  I know I’ve seen other friendships form in other classes, but I’ve never been involved personally, and I’ve certainly never seen the entire class involved, either.  It really was sad to say farewell on the final day of class – somewhat like saying goodbye at the end of high school, yet instead of four years together, we’d only spent five months.  We’ll see each other again, though, and that’s the crazy part.  Sometimes acquaintances are made in class, but after the semester is over, you go your separate ways.  That’s not going to completely happen this time… and I’m glad for it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get ready.  One of my acting class pals is hosting a pool party for our group… and the scriptwriting group will be having one in a few weeks, too.  How bizarre :-).


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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