Summer Movies 2009

Summer 2008 was an amazing time for me.  WALL-E had me hopping up and down from the time I first heard about the concept, and The Dark Knight somehow continues to impress and excite me more and more with each new day.  These are two of my favorite movies of all time, and I got them both in one summer.  Summer 2009 doesn’t even have one movie that has me in such an anticipatory grip, yet there are a few pictures I’m looking forward to seeing this summer.

There are quite a few big movies coming out over the next few months, and after seeing a number of “Summer ’09 Movie Preview” lists running amuck out there on the internet, I figured I may as well join the crowd.  I know, summer doesn’t start until June 21, but there is usually a big “summer” blockbuster to start the season in the beginning of May, hence the lists coming out now.  At the end of the summer I’ll do a recap and see how close I was in my assumptions of what interested me vs. what I actually liked – I’ll even give myself a grade ;-).  So, if you care to find out what I’m looking forward to (and not) this summer, continue below.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine – May 1
Interest: Nay
Reason: I love Hugh Jackman, but gosh darn it I wish he’d do something I could really love him in.  The trailers did nothing to intrigue me, which is rather sad – because it’s freaking Wolverine.  Like The Incredible Hulk, I love the character and I would have really been interested in seeing him done justice, but alas, from what I’ve seen (and heard from a certain someone who may or may not have watched the leaked cut), I don’t think this has happened.

The Merry Gentleman – May 1 (select)
Interest: Yea
Reason: Michael Keaton stars in and directed this movie, so that alone is an engaging possibility of goodness.  The trailer had me piqued when I first saw it, and while it seems that it could go south easily, I’m hoping that this odd little tale is a great one.

Star Trek – May 8
Interest: Nay
Reason: I never enjoyed any version of Star Trek, and nothing about J.J. Abrams’ revisionary movie (especially the fact that it’s J.J. Abrams) has me thinking this time will be any different.

Angels & Demons – May 15
Interest: Nay
Reason: I saw the trailer 🙂

The Brothers Bloom – May 15
Interest: Nay
Reason: We’ll see.  Could go either way, though I’m not expecting much.

Management – May 15
Interest: Nay
Reason: I’m actually pulling for this one to surprise me.  It’d be a nice treat to see that it’s more than just stupid comedy… I’m hoping for heart with this one.

Terminator: Salvation – May 21
Interest: Perhaps
Reason: Fools may complain about the rating (it’s PG-13, instead of R), but a good movie is a good movie, regardless of rating.  The only good thing about Terminator 3 was the ending.  I found something beautiful in how it’s ending completely revised, yet built upon, the original two movies’ storylines.  When I first heard about this new movie, my eyes popped open.  My eyes continued to explode out of my head when I heard Christian Bale was involved.  Yet, after I saw the first trailer (and all other footage since), I’m not too impressed.  It could be amazing and well-done… or it could be worse than getting in Christian Bale’s eyeline while shooting.  Sorry, couldn’t resist ;-).  I really want to love this movie, though.

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian – May 22
Interest: Nay
Reason: Just ain’t my kinda flick, folks.  I didn’t see the first one, either.

Up – May 29
Interest: Yea
Reason: I know next to nothing about the plot, and while I’m not expecting another WALL-E, I doubt this will disappoint me.  I’ve been wrong before, though.

Drag Me to Hell – May 29
Interest: Nay
Reason: Sam Raimi.


Away We Go – June 5
Interest: Yea
Reason: Sam Mendes.

The Hangover – June 5
Interest: Nay
Reason: I saw the trailer 🙂

Land of the Lost – June 5
Interest: Nay
Reason: A show I was never interested in as a kid, becoming a modern dumbed-down-for-the-family movie?

Moon – June 12
Interest: Yea
Reason: This is the one I’m looking forward to the most this summer.  When I first heard about it, I got the same googly eyes I did when I heard about WALL-E… then it got even better – I saw the trailer 😉

The Proposal – June 19
Interest: Nay
Reason: I’ve seen the trailer for this gosh darn movie just about every time I’ve been to the gosh darn theater, and I still have zero gosh darn interest in seeing it.  I will admit, though, in a moment even surprising to myself, the end of the trailer where they yell at each other “Why are you naked?!” “Why are you wet?!” makes me smile.

$9.99 – June 19
Interest: Nay
Reason: I love stop-motion more than a picture of penguins walking puppies, but this is something I’d like to see live-action.  It’s a seemingly beautiful little tale, but a great deal of potential is lost without being able to watch live actors here.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – June 24
Interest: Nay
Reason: The first one was really bad, I don’t find Megan Fox attractive at all, the first one was really bad, Michael Bay made this, and the first one was really bad.

The Hurt Locker – June 26
Interest: Yea
Reason: The plot seems simple enough, and the entire thing appears to be more character driven.  Seems to have great potential.


Public Enemies – July 1
Interest: Nay
Reason: Michael Mann is very hit and miss, and his last attempt (Miami Vice) was so horrible that it’s hard to forget it.  On top of all of that, I saw the trailer – and not a single thing about it got to me.  Here’s to hoping for a big surprise.

Bruno – July 10
Interest: Nay
Reason: Sasha Baron Cohen comedy.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – July 15
Interest: Nay
Reason: It’s not a world I care about.  Emma Watson, however…

500 Days of Summer – July 17
Interest: Yea
Reason: I could be very disappointed by this movie – it could be quirky just for quirk’s sake, but I’m hoping for something decent and sweet.

In the Loop – July 17
Interest: Yea
Reason: It looks like a fun, entertaining little satire, and I think I love just about every actor in it.

A Woman in Berlin – July 17
Interest: Yea
Reason: World War II and rape are just about as wonderful a combination as one could imagine, but I might have to brave the potential darkness and see it anyways.

The Ugly Truth – July 24
Interest: Nay
Reason: I’m all for romantic comedies if they’re decent.  This one doesn’t appear to be.

Adam – July 29
Interest: Yea
Reason: I’m on the fence.  Could be touching, beautiful, and wonderful – or it could be boring crap.  That’s quite a fence ;-).

Funny People – July 31
Interest: Yea
Reason: Judd Apatow started a television series called “Freaks and Geeks,” but everything he’s done since then has been far less in quality.  I was surprised by this trailer, and I only hope that the “humor” he has become known for is much less prevalent in this movie.  I love Adam Sandler when he’s serious, and I’m really pulling for this to be a good one


G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra – August 7
Interest: Nay
Reason: It appears to be another good opportunity missed to bring something from my childhood to life (see: Transformers), and I don’t think there’s going to be any kind of surprise when I see it.  Sienna Miller as The Baroness, however, will make it all more than worth it.  This one’ll be a trip to the theater for laughs with my friend Nick, no doubt.

Julie & Julia – August 7
Interest: Yea
Reason: Adorable and hilarious.  I’m there.

Paper Heart – August 7
Interest: Yea
Reason: Introduced to this by my friend Nick, who was introduced to it by some zany person named England, I’m still unsure about it.  The trailer gave great potential for something sweet, but it could also be very void of sweetness.  How vague?  Yes, well… that’s what being unsure is about.

Inglourious Basterds – August 14
Interest: Nay
Reason: I’m not a huge Tarantino fan, but I can admit that the man has talent, and I can respect him for doing what he wants to do.  This time doesn’t feel genuine, though.  It just looks silly and cheesy… and not in a Tarantino way.

Taking Woodstock – August 14
Interest: Yea
Reason: In spite of having to see Liev Schreiber like that, I’m looking forward to the simplicity and potential genuine nature of this movie.

The Time Traveller’s Wife – August 14
Interest: Perhaps
Reason: The idea is interesting, so instead of ruining myself by reading about it too much, I’ll wait for the trailer.  Eric Bana and the lovely Rachel McAdams being in it ain’t a bad start, though.

The Boat That Rocked – August 28
Interest: Yea
Reason: The writer/director of Love Actually brings a story I never knew about, and one that looks darn fun.  Seems like the perfect end to summer.

Last year it was the big summer titles that interested me, and this time it seems to be the smaller ones.  Let’s see how this pans out…


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