Releases for 4.2.09

The ones to see:
What Doesn’t Kill You
Nothing But The Truth

While She Was Out

The ones to avoid:
Where God Left His Shoes

More detailed reviews below.

What Doesn’t Kill You *PICK OF THE WEEK*
I loved this movie.  The story is something we’ve all heard and seen before, but it felt fresh this time around.  As is a trend of mine, when I really love a movie you can tell – the review is short.  Here, I’ll make no exception to that.  Everything about the movie was excellent, and I hope you all see and enjoy it.  After you watch it, do me a favor and look up who directed and wrote What Doesn’t Kill You on IMDB – it should make the movie all the more impressive/powerful.  It did for me.

Nothing But The Truth
If you read my review of State of Play, just about everything I had to say about that movie applies here, as well.  I thought it was funny to see two movies in a row that shared such similarities, but it was a good thing.  Nothing But The Truth deals with journalism and politics – and poses a variety of interesting moral questions to the viewer.  As always, though, I couldn’t recommend it if the movie was based purely on message, so I can happily say that it’s very entertaining as well.  Kate Beckinsale, as well as all of the actors, delivers a strong performance.  The story continually goes to places I wasn’t quite expecting, yet everything deals with situations from the personal point of view – again, like State of Play.  P.S. I really, really loved the coat with the gold buttons worn by Vera Farmiga in parts of the movie – a fantastic mix of class and sexiness… but that has nothing to do with the review ;-).

While She Was Out
Okay… I almost had to recommend this one.  It was a really weird movie that at times felt like a compelling dramatic thriller, and at others a cheesy straight-to-video movie.  (Straight to video?  DVD should be the case, I suppose, but it’s a term that will no doubt stick until everyone who was around during video’s heyday is dead).  Sadly, this inconsistency is what demoted it’s suggestion level.  The blame is really only on the director – who also adapted the script from a simple short story.  The dialogue is painful at times, but overall it isn’t too bad.  Ultimately, though, the movie is really fun.  It’s a fantastic premise, and a fulfilling story by the time it’s over.  There were a couple of moments of violence that were gruesome enough to force my eyes away from the TV… but I did so while laughing and saying, “Holy crap!”  If you see it, you’ll know what I mean; I’m not one for horror/action movie “oh snap” type of moments, but gosh darn it if While She Was Out didn’t deliver some satisfyingly awesome ones.

Where God Left His Shoes
This could have been good.  In fact, at times it was good.  The overall arc of the young boy in the movie made me want to recommend it… but the entire movie on a whole kept me from that.  This one is completely a case of competent movie-making meets a storyline conclusion that left me unsatisfied.  Where God Left His Shoes was not like The Wrestler, in which there was no change in the character, but instead it was the storyline that felt unfinished.  There were elements of the plot that began to develop, but are not completed by the movie’s end.  I understand that this movie was most likely intended as merely a glimpse into these people’s lives for a short time, but that does not negate the hollow feeling I felt after it was “over.”


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