Wild Things Are Coming

Where the Wild Things Are Silhouette

The image above was one of two that were released quite awhile ago.  It was my first glance at the upcoming movie version of the classic kid’s book.  Where the Wild Things Are has been of great interest to me, not only because of the great story, but also because of the fact that the director Spike Jonze had chosen to make the Wild Things live action creatures.  Instead of some CGI catastrophe, we will be gifted with full size puppetry.  The faces are said to be computer generated, and that is okay with me – I do not hate the use of computer effects in movies, only the lazy reliance on them.  So, I had those two images for a long time, and then last week they released a whole slew of other images.  I was going to post something about my excitement for this movie based on those pictures, alone, but today I came home to see something even better.

The first trailer has been unleashed online…

Where the Wild Things Are Trailer #1

When I saw the trailer was online today, haha, I literally gasped in anticipation.  I had heard about a lot of behind-the-scenes scuffling between the director and the production company in regards to things like “toning the dark themes down” and making it more “kid friendly.”  In other words, the company wanted to dumb it down for the sake of safe marketability ;-).  As I watched the beautiful footage, though, and as I listened to The Arcade Fire song playing, I nearly cried.  I smiled so hard it hurt.

October 16 will not be here soon enough :-).

Where the Wild Things Are walking along with Max


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One Response to Wild Things Are Coming

  1. Nick Reiber says:

    This looks amazing


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