Belle of the Oscars ’09

Those who know me well enough know that I love women.  I enjoy their company, I love talking to them… everything.  I have a few blog series devoted to movies, so it’s about time I had one devoted to my other great love – ladies.

So, I was planning on starting an annual tradition of posting a few of my favorite gals from the Oscar ceremony, but it seems the photographers this year were all drunk.  There were a number of women who looked just wonderful, but I couldn’t find pictures that were very complimentary.  It’s quite a shame, too – because most everyone looked really nice this year.  Of course, this doesn’t matter in the end, because everything else aside, this years Academy Awards belonged to one person – Anne Hathaway.

First of all, Anne looked absolutely beautiful.

Anne Hathaway Oscars 2009

Everyone seemed to dress very classy this year, but it was more than elegant style that made this night hers.  First, was the show’s opening number.  I like Hugh Jackman, he’s a cool guy, and I thought he brought an interesting vibe of good ol’ fashioned fun to the show this year.  Fun at the Oscars?  I know – zany!  Anyways, if you saw the show, you know that in the middle of the opening song, Mr. Jackman pulled our little Ms. Hathaway from the audience to join him.  If you didn’t watch, well, here you go…(she comes in around 3:55 if you’re impatient)

She was just adorable, wasn’t she folks?  Most weren’t aware she could sing like that either, it seems, so not only did she join in the fun, but she impressed people along the way!  So, she gets big points for participation.  Later on, it came time for the Best Actress category.  Watching Shirley MacLaine announce Anne Hathaway’s name, and give a short speech about her was very touching.  I could tell that Anne was genuinely moved by the moment, and it was all very sincere.  Heck, after seeing THAT, I would’ve loved to see her get the award, but alas… she did not.  I did search, but sadly… no online video has yet been found of this moment.

So, Slumdog or not, the real star of the Oscars this year was Anne Hathaway – and if I could give her an award for that, I would 🙂


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One Response to Belle of the Oscars ’09

  1. visitor45 says:

    the musical numbers were quite insane and too long. i was impressed with hathaway, but i do not believe she is the next faye dunaway or meryl streep, in regard to acting. cute girl though 🙂


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