Releases for 2.17.09

The ones to see:
Body of Lies

The ones to avoid:

More detailed reviews after the break…

Body of Lies

I really enjoyed this movie.  First, Mark Strong.  I love that man.  I’m as straight as a ruler, but I freakin’ love that guy.  I first saw him in Guy Ritchie’s Revolver (see the original International cut, not the American version), and he’s always such an entertaining actor to watch.  His performance isn’t the only reason to see Body of Lies, of course.  I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline, and the entire point of the movie is to view the situation from two varied points of view.  Though morals are black and white, the situations that surround them often aren’t – and that is what the two main characters are there to show us.  However, any movie that has a message but isn’t entertaining is a waste of time, and this movie is very entertaining.  Most people will mention something like Transformers in terms of a “mindless popcorn movie,” and this is just about my equivalent to that.  Obviously it is far from mindless, but it’s something I could just turn on and zone out with – in a good way 😉


This one is a strange choice to place into the “avoid” category because it is a very well done movie.  The performances were all top-notch, as they usually will be in a Clint Eastwood movie.  Angelina Jolie did a very nice job with the subtleties of the anguished mother and the young Eddie Alderson was amazing as the teenager who was a tortured accomplice to some of the horrible events in the movie.  The one that stood out the most, to me, was Jason Butler Harner.  He portrayed an evil, screwed up person (a REAL person, no less) with great ability.  Though the events of the movie are dark enough, Harner’s realization of this depraved individual really make it an unsettling picture to watch.  That alone is the reason I don’t recommend it.  This movie left me with such an uneasy feeling afterward, that I certainly can’t ask others to feel the same based on my suggestion.  Amongst the things you will see (yes, SEE), are a man being hanged and children being terrified by an adult before being murdered.  Sounds like fun, eh?  It’s a well done movie, but by golly… you better watch something happy like WALL*E afterward if you DO choose to watch it.

If you see either of these movies, let me know – even if it’s just to disagree with me 🙂


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