Releases for 2.3.09

Haha, like I said last week – that was an anomaly; I’ll probably never have that many recommendations in one week again.  This week there’s only one title I saw completely.  I saw part of Zack and Miri Make a Porno, but it was only for the lovely Elizabeth Banks.  As with all movies of this type, such as The 40 Year Old Virgin, the story is decent – but the movie’s crude humor gets in its own way.  Not that I expected a move about making cheap porn to be rated G, but anyways…

The ones to see:
None this week.

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

The ones to avoid:
None this week.

More detailed review after the break below…

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist
Ok, I was looking forward to this one, folks.  It wasn’t a huge anticipation like WALL-E or anything, but I was interested to see it – hoping it would be a sweet, fun little story.  I was definitely disappointed.  The movie isn’t horrible, but it certainly is not what I was expecting it to be.  My first gripe was that it never really did much of anything.  The movie meanders through the entire night, with very little direction.  Of course, I realize that the movie is about the atmosphere of a group of kids out at night in New York and not necessarily about a specific goal, but that was part of my disappointment.  I was in the mood for a one-night Garden State of sorts, but I was left with much less.  Nick & Norah’s just doesn’t know where it belongs, I think.  It’s not quite completely realistic, but it’s also not a movie-perfect fairy tale, either.  The character of Nick is played wonderfully real and genuine, but his gay friends are just too all-knowingly perfect in the horrible cliché that the gay men are wise sages.  That’s what I mean – the movie walks back and forth between fantasy and reality and it doesn’t seem to work very well.  This movie definitely doesn’t belong in the Ones to avoid section, though, because it did have some fun/lovely moments – they were just too few and far between.  It was worth a free rental, but I don’t plan on recommending it otherwise.

If you see this movie, let me know! Even if it’s just to disagree with me 🙂


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