Go Crazy? Nah… (a follow-up)

Well, today marks my return to television viewing.  One month ago, today, I wrote about turning off my TV for one month.  You can catch up HERE if you missed it.  The funny thing is… I haven’t turned it back on yet.

There were some interesting discoveries during this little experiment.  There were a couple of nights in the beginning where I went to reach for the remote out of habit before I remembered.  Honestly, though, I didn’t miss it at all.  The whole point was to get myself out of the habit of just automatically turning it on, and I didn’t realize how simple that would be to stop.  So, how did I fill my extra time?   Well…

I’d like to say that I wrote 2 screenplays and painted a masterpiece, but not quite.   I was much more productive, though.  It actually forced me to consider all of my wasted time, and I cut back on a lot of unproductive activities like aimlessly “surfing the web” (when was the last time I heard THAT phrase).   Still, though, I found ways to relax.   I actually watched more movies than I had before, though that’s also just as likely associated with the movies that came into work and the point of life I’m at right now.  So, what WAS different?   I did spend more time working on things, yet I can’t really say what I worked on exactly.  I know that I did write a little more, but it was also odd to adjust to the extended amount of freetime.  I did fill part of the gap, for a week or so near the end, with video games.  I got on a nostalgic kick (more on this in an upcoming blog series), and I pulled out my old Sega Genesis.  It was amazing 🙂   I also played through God of War again on my PS2.  It was also amazing 🙂

Really, though, I found my break from cable entertainment very nice – so nice that I still haven’t turned it on all day, and I really don’t plan on it.  There are quite a few things in my life that I have cut out for a period of time, and now no longer intend on returning to.  One of the first was ketchup.  When we found out I was allergic to tomatoes, I stopped having ketchup.  I loved it when I was young, but after the long break away from it – I didn’t like it anymore and still don’t.  The same goes for my physical intolerance for dairy products.  I could never tell how much was too much, so I cut out just about everything altogether.   Now, while the smell of pizza or chocolate is still wonderful, I don’t have much desire to return to eating it – even if I knew I could.  Television won’t be out of my life COMPLETELY, I’m sure, but I’m not very eager to jump back into it.

Besides, I have other things to do 🙂


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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